Get into Monster Jam Action with the Top 10 Best Monster Truck Toys 2024

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Heads up, motorsports fans! It’s time to rev up your passion for action-packed racing and bring the power into your own hands! Monster Jam is one of the most adrenaline-pumping sports on 4-wheels. Fans all around the world flock to witness exciting Monster Jam competitions, as competitors drive their colourful monster trucks and tear up the ground with amazing tricks and stunts.

Why settle on just watching Monster Jam exhibitions, when you can take control of the action? Grab your very own Monster Jam truck by collecting Monster Jam toy trucks modelled after real-life monster vehicles! Monster Jam truck toys let you perform epic stunts, just like what you see in the live shows.

Go all out this 2024 and experience real action, crazy crashes, and brutal bashes with authentic replicas of Monster Jam trucks ready for play… and display! Let Mr Toys take you on a trip with a lineup of the most popular Monster Jam models from Spin Master, Hot Wheels, and LEGO. Explore some of the most unique Monster Jam machine features fans and collectors are raving about this year (for ages 36 months and over).

Monster Jam Toy Packs (for Ages 3 Years and Up)

It’s as big as it gets! See the most recognisable trucks tear up the dirt and compete in an intense contest of speed and skill. Experience full throttle-fun for the entire family. Open your doors to showcase your collection of Monster Jam trucks for all your friends to see!

10. Monster Jam Shake N’ Quake 3-Pack

Expand your Monster Jam collection with the official Monster Jam Shake N’ Quake 3-Pack! This themed set includes 3 exclusive die-cast monster trucks: El Toro Loco, Dirt Squad Scoopz, and Earth Shaker. Each toy truck features stylish Shake N’ Quake exclusive deco, detailing, and more graphics than ever before. With official BKT tyres and an authentic chassis, the Shake N’ Quake Monster Jam Pack is ready for epic Monster Jam action!

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9. True Metal Monster Jam 1:24 Trucks Die-Cast

Ramp up your Monster Jam game with the all-new, official Monster Jam 1:24 scale die-cast monster trucks! Featuring awesome details and graphics, these authentic replicas embody the style and swagger of the real thing. Official BKT rubber tyres provide greater traction, so you can take your trucks to new heights. The working suspension system absorbs more impact, so the high-flying, car-crashing, truck-trashing jumps never stop!

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Monster Jam from LEGO Technic (for Ages 7 Years and Up)

If your family is into truck constructing and racing, LEGO Techinic's Monster Jam toys will not fail your expectation. Kids will be captivated by the challenging builds and stunts! Play with these monster truck models or show them off to your friends as indoor mementos. As your child grows up, they may demand more exciting toys that offer more exhilarating races and challenging builds.

8. LEGO Technic Monster Jam Dragon 42149

Kids can build and race with the LEGO Technic Monster Jam Dragon truck. With pull-back action, this 2-in-1 toy will give them hours of action-packed play. Use the pull-back feature to send the truck racing along before re-creating cool monster truck jumps and tricks. When you're ready for a new challenge, re-build the model into a Crocodile Buggy with pull-back action. Decorate your Monster Jam truck with sticker graphics that mimic the design of the real-life Monster Jam truck this toy is modelled after.

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7. LEGO Technic Monster Jam Monster Mutt Dalmatian 42150

Build and race the LEGO Technic Monster Jam Monster Mutt Dalmatian toy truck! With pull-back action, this 2-in-1 toy offers hours of adventure play. Use the pull-back feature to send the model truck racing along before re-creating cool monster truck tricks as seen in the Monster Jam arena. Enjoy a new challenge by re-building the Monster Mutt Dalmatian into a race truck!

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RC Monster Jam (with Featured Offers Available)

Who says you can't own and control a really moving Monster Jam truck with all its action-packed features? Get your hands on the next best thing – an RC Monster Jam truck! RC (meaning remote control or radio control) is an awesome (and much safer) way to drive your own Monster Jam vehicle. See how your RC Monster Jam truck manoeuvre through difficult roads and terrain. Fascinate your audience with thrilling sights and feats – indoors or outdoors!

6. Monster Jam 1:24 Racing Rivals RC

Race with your favourite Monster Jam trucks head-to-head! The 1:24 scale Racing Rivals 2-Pack is an exclusive remote control set that includes Grave Digger and Megalodon, plus 8 track pieces and a start/finish line so you can create your very own Monster Jam arena. Choose Grave Digger or Megalodon and race against your friends in an epic face-off!

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5. Hot Wheels RC Monster Trucks 2-Pack

This 2-pack Hot Wheels RC Monster Truck set is up for epic competition with remote control Monster Truck legends Race Ace and HW 5-Alarm. Each vehicle is 1:24 scale and has terrain action tyres for better performance across various surfaces, reaching a top speed of 5mph. For children age 4 years and up, these full-function remote control trucks have 2.4GHz frequencies, so you can play with them together with no interference. Prop each truck on its back tyres and invert the driving excitement onto 2 wheels! Use the included ramp to launch into stunts or onto the included crushable cars.

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Monster Jam Grave Digger

Professional Monster Jam driver, Dennis Anderson, was the one who came up with the concept for Grave Digger in 1981. Originally built from an old 1951 Chevy Panel Wagon with parts scrounged from junkyards, the Monster Jam Grave Digger has grown by leaps and bounds. Previously trademarked by red headlights scavenged from old school busses, the Grave Digger trucks of today have changed from a dull orange to the now famous green and black flame motif. It has become one of the most decorated Monster Jam trucks in the world today. (Source:

4. Monster Jam Grave Digger Trax All-Terrain

Featuring a unique design with all terrain tank treads, Grave Digger Trax travels and floats through water with ease. Drive on land and keep on going through snow, mud, rocks, and more! Control it from up to 150 feet away with the 2.4GHz frequency dual joystick controller (2 AAA batteries required) and drive in any direction outdoors. Perform epic stunts! Master moves like the high-speed front or back wheelies and donuts, just like what you see at the Monster Jam live events. With authentic graphics of the popular Grave Digger, this Monster Jam toy vehicle is ready for anything! Keep on rolling for up to 20mins on a single charge, and use the USB charging cable to get back into the action.

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3. Monster Jam 1:15 Grave Digger RC

An authentic replica of the original Grave Digger, this 1:15 scale RC model is ready to run right out of the box, and comes complete with batteries for the controller. Just flick the power switch and go! Use the convertible packaging to build a monster-sized ramp and launch right into high-flying action. With a more detailed body featuring authentic BKT tyres and a look-alike chassis, this replica Grave Digger can handle almost anything you throw at it.

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Monster Jam Megalodon

From the oceans of the prehistoric dark comes the Monster Jam version of one of the most powerful predators in history, the Megalodon! This giant shark concept (fossil remains suggest a length of 59 feet/18 metres) was developed into a Monster Jam truck in 2016, making its competitive debut in Nashville, Tennessee on 7 January 2017. Megalodon was an instant success in Monster Jam competitions, winning the 2017 Monster Jam Triple Threat Series TM Central Point championship. Monster Jam Megalodon has quickly become a favourite that fans of all ages want to get an up-close look at the menacing Monster Jam truck. (Source:

2. Monster Jam Mega Megalodon All-Terrain

Over 2-feet long, the Mega Megalodon RC in 1:6 scale lives up to its name. For ages 4 years and up, it's larger, faster, and more powerful than any other Megalodon RC! Control it from up to 150 feet away with the 2.4GHz frequency dual joystick controller, and drive in any direction. Overcome any obstacle on and off road – the Mega Megalodon is unstoppable! With its rubber treads, mega-sized shocks, and suspension, this RC monster truck can tackle anything. With authentic graphics, oversize BKT tyres and working lights, it’s like driving the real thing. Power it up with its built-in USB charging cable to keep on rolling!

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1. Monster Jam Official Megalodon Storm

The Megalodon STORM puts the Monster Jam action in your hands by giving you the power to conquer snow, mud, rocks, and grass! With a water-resistant body and lightweight custom tyres, the Megalodon STORM can race on water, then switch to land and keep on going. Pull off epic manoeuvres as you race left and right, drive forward and reverse with the easy-to-use remote control, and turn your world into a Monster Jam arena!

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For more exhilarating Monster Jam action, check and sort our awesome Monster Jam and Monster Truck toy range! (featured offers available, for ages 3 years and up). Shop now at Mr Toys and take advantage of our great deals, discounts, and other amazing promos!

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