The Best Razor Scooters and Ride-Ons in Australia 2024

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What’s the best way to enjoy the outdoors while you commute to work or school and help the environment by conserving energy, at the same time? People may have dozens of answers to this, but for many Australians who live in the city and suburbs, riding a scooter is a popular way to get around. Some may still classify the scooter as a mere ride-on toy, but that’s a thing of the past. Today, the scooter is a versatile wheeled machine that can be used for commuting and having fun, rolling solo or with fellow scooting enthusiasts. Children and grownups alike love the gush of fresh air on their skin whenever they scoot.

When it comes to popular scooters, one brand comes on top! Razor offers scooter riders a range of safe and environmentally friendly scooters with cutting edge features that have become benchmarks of all that followed. Razor’s genius engineering and keen eye for design have transformed the ordinary scooter into the hottest thing to hit the sidewalk since concrete.

With its fantastic variety of kick scooters, electric scooters, trick scooters, and other ride-ons like hoverboards, caster boards, skateboards, bikes, and skates, Razor empowers its consumers to live a healthier lifestyle and help protect the planet through sustainability. Who says outdoor fun can’t be exciting when coupled with social responsibility?

This week, join us as we highlight the best and hottest Razor electric scooters, kick scooters, and wheeled hobbies Australians want to ride this year! Read on…

The One That Started It All – The Razor Model A Scooter

Released in 2000, the Razor A kick scooter has captured the hearts and minds of kids and adults alike, and has become an icon of Australian culture and the go-to-ride for urban dwellers, celebrities, commuters, co-eds, and anyone who’s going places.

Unfold and go! It’s that easy with the Razor A kick scooter. With no assembly required and easy-adjust handlebars to set the perfect ride height, the Razor A kick scooter is ready for its first adventure as soon as you are. From day one, the Razor A kick scooter has been built to last using lightweight, yet durable aluminium construction. If you want a lightweight scooter, then Razor A is for you!

Razor’s Model A scooter has become a global phenomenon, making a huge impact to a generation of riders young and old. Kids love it. Parents trust it. Older kids want to “borrow” it. The Razor A is arguably the best scooter model icon in the entire scooter world!

Top Kids' Scooters, Kick Scooters, Electric Scooters, and Other Ride-Ons from Razor

1. Razor PowerWing Scooter

Because you and your friends wanted more than normal scooters and skateboards, Razor has combined the 2 and created the PowerWing. Just move your body side to side, and the awesome 3-wheeled design gets you going and keeps you moving! Mastering sideways drifting and 360 spins is simple and fun, so hop on for some super freaky freestyle fun. The PowerWing is the new radical way to ride!

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2. Razor Ripstik Castor Board

It’s like SURFING on dry land! The RipStik’s 360-degree, inclined casters and pivoting deck move the rider forward with a unique twisting motion – without ever pushing off the ground.

  • Deck: High-tech polymer with removable deck plates.
  • Platform: Slip-resistant, concave, pivoting deck.
  • Torsion bar: Rubber-padded steel.
  • Wheels: High-grade urethane on inclined, 360-degree casters.

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3. Razor Hovertrax Brights

The perfect starting hoverboard for young riders, the Hovertrax Brights features the industry leading EverBalance technology, in which the foot platforms auto-stabilise for steadier mounts – a great benefit for beginners. The full size design does not skimp on the details either. LED lights accent the colour-matching frame and light-up wheels when you’re hovering. Enjoy speeds of up to 7 mph (11.2 km/h) with dual 120-watt brushless hub motors, and up to 30 minutes of continuous ride time on a single battery charge. The patented Razor Hovertrax Brights is UL 2272 certified, meeting the industry’s highest electrical safety standards.

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4. Razor A Special Edition Tie-Dye

Here's a fantastic variation from your regular kick scooters. The Razor A Special Edition kick scooter with its unique graphics put a new twist on an all-time iconic ride. Ready to go right out of the box, the lightweight A Special Edition kick scooter matches updated styling with an aluminium deck, an original folding mechanism, rear fender brake, and urethane wheels to make it the perfect kids' scooter on-the-go – even younger children can ride.

5. Razor RipRider 360

Razor has a new spin on a classic ride-on. They have a knack for re-invention, and the RipRider 360 does not disappoint! A successor to the 3-wheeler of the 70’s, the RipRider rides like no other, spinning and drifting on dual inclined caster wheels. Ultimate spinning action and dual inclined casters allow resistance-free drifting and spinning. It features MX-style handlebar with rubber grips, double crown fork design, welded steel frame and fork for high impact, and a front wheel with flat-free tyre.

6. Razor Dirt Rocket MX125

The MX125 is the perfect intro to adventure, offering adrenaline pumping fun with off-road riding in a scaled-down size designed for riders aged 7 and up. Razor’s smallest electric-powered dirt bike, the MX125 helps younger riders build confidence on dirt, delivering top-notch performance with authentic MX-frame geometry, motocross-style knobby tyres, and twist-grip throttle for a true-to-life dirt bike ride. Rear-wheel drive delivers greater traction, stability and balance control, while the twist-grip throttle and hand-operated rear brake provide simple, intuitive hand controls for younger riders!

7. Razor Ripstik Ripster

The Ripster caster board is a compact version of the RipStik classic. The shorter wheel base is ideal for riders with a narrower stance or for those who want to do more tricks with its lightweight design. The inclined caster trucks and pivoting deck provide a snowboard-like carving ability. Its unique design allows acceleration and turning without pushing. The Ripstik Ripster is nothing like you’ve ever ridden before!

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8. Razor A5 LUX Scooter

It’s time to upgrade your kick scooter! The Razor A5 Lux joins a kick scooter line that is well-known for its smooth ride and extra-large urethane wheels. Its cool profile makes for the smoothest ride around. Its anodised finish features bold colours and attention-grabbing graphics. Quick and easy to fold and ready to go, the Razor A5 Lux has a super-strong aluminium T-tube and large deck to comfortably support riders up to 100 kg.

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9. Razor A5 DLX

When it comes to scooters, the A5 DLX is the king of comfort! It’s a scooter with a new anti-rattle system to deliver a smooth, solid ride. Paired with extra-large urethane wheels and super-strong aluminium T-tube and deck, this kick scooter is the new king of comfort for commuting, quick cruises, or long joy rides. With a larger deck for taller riders and 8” wheels for the smoothest ride around town, the A5 DLX gets huge style points wherever your travels take you.

10. Razor RipSurf

Surf where you live! Jump on the RipSurf and you’ll feel like you’re riding the waves even though you’re on solid ground. Designed in Southern California, the RipSurf’s patented design allows riders to carve and cut like a real surfboard, but on dry land! Riding on 2 high-performance caster wheels and an authentically styled polypropylene deck, the RipSurf boasts top quality, durable plastic construction to help it last for years. Equipped with a textured traction pad, its 360-degree urethane caster wheels make for smooth gliding.

11. Razor Power Core E90

Keep the good times rolling even longer! And by longer, we mean up to 75% more battery life than the others. With up to 65 minutes of continuous use, your freedom radius just expanded. At 10 amazing miles per hour, with a push-button throttle, and a kick-start in-wheel hub motor, the Power Core E90 is a maintenance free, energy efficient way to take your fun even farther. The steel frame, lighter weight and increased torque take performance to the next level. The Power Core E90 is a Razor electric scooter for long outdoor rides!

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11. Razor Power Core Siege

Hit the streets with the Powercore Siege and experience the thrill of riding a new kind of electric scooter! Razor’s innovative Power Core Siege e-scooter boasts a 150-watt, high-torque, hub-driven motor that delivers robust acceleration to up to 19.5 km/h with a kick-to-start activation at the press of the throttle. A hand-operated front brake, along with a rear foot brake, provide responsive stops. The sleek, fresh design with all-steel frame is precision-crafted for long-lasting performance and has a weight capacity of up to 70 kg.

12. Razor Power Core Launch

Feel the wind in your hair (underneath your helmet, of course) as you tear up the pavement on the Razor Launch electric scooter! Designed for ages 8 and up and features a child-sized deck and frame constructed out of high-strength materials. The scooter reaches speeds of up to 16 km per hour and provides up to 35 minutes of continuous use. The environmentally-friendly electric power engages a super quiet chain-driven motor – applauded by neighbours everywhere. If hours of fun are what you want, seek no further than the Razor Power Core Launch e-scooter.

13. Pro XX Trick Scooter

Razor made the sport of trick riding a phenomenon over 20 years ago, and has consistently crafted the top options for pro level scooter riders since then. Increasingly popular and making waves in the scooting community, the Pro XX is the top intermediate option from the latest Pro X performance scooter line. Its finely crafted 110 mm wheels with aluminium core and high-performance PU outer are both lightweight and durable, making it the right scooter for pros.

Still looking for more Razor products that will add thrill to your outdoor riding adventures or you're after something that is perfectly suited to your child's age? Browse through our Razor brand department, and explore a wide range of scooters, wheeled items, and ride-ons including three-wheeled scooters with adjustable handlebars and light-up LED wheels. Enjoy shopping!

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