How to Choose the Best Trampoline for Kids

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Sometimes, it can be hard to find time and motivation for physical exercise; but couple that with the fun of family bonding, then you have something to anticipate and be excited about on your free time, especially during weekends at home. Productive exercise like playing sports in your backyard or even inside the house (if you have the right space) is definitely more fun and can give you the much needed sweat-inducing, healthy activity.

Aside from competitive sports, there are other entertaining fitness activities that you can do, but will equally entice the whole family especially the kids. Have you tried jumping on a trampoline? Yes, trampoline jumping is a fun family-bonding activity that can be done within the confines of your backyard!

Trampolines can provide hours of fun and entertainment, not just for the children, but also for the entire family. Many trampolines are designed for outdoor use; however, there are smaller models that can be used indoors and are suitable for younger children. Trampolines that are made for kids have more safety features and other accessories to make playtime safe and enjoyable.

What to Choose: Indoor or Outdoor Trampolines?

Before you begin your search, there are a few things you may want to think about:

1. Is it for indoor or outdoor use, or both?

2. What is your child’s age and weight?

3. How many kids (and/or grownups) do you see jumping on the trampoline at the same time?

Answering these questions before you begin your shopping will help you select the perfect trampoline for your child and for your entire family.

Kids’ Trampoline Sizes

Typically, kids’ trampolines are available in 3 sizes. The smaller the size, the more safety features it offers. Of course, the small varieties are made to suit small children.

• Small Trampolines

Many of these small trampolines can be used by children from as young as 12 months to as old as 4 years. They usually include an attached handlebar to allow small children to hold onto something while they jump. Some even have a small cage that encloses the trampoline to help prevent the child from falling off the sides. Only one child at a time can play with this type of trampolines. Most of the models can be used indoors or outdoors.

• 8-Foot Diameter Trampolines

Kids’ trampolines with an 8-foot diameter are large enough to handle up to 2 children weighing up to 100 pounds. They include soft cushioned bumper pads that cover the trampoline’s steel springs. You can take additional safety precautions by purchasing mesh caging to fit around the trampoline – this will help prevent the kids from falling off the sides.

• Large Trampolines

The largest size trampolines are approximately 14 feet in diameter and can hold up to 3 to 4 jumpers. They are about the same height as the 8-foot diameter trampolines, but because they are wider, the weight restrictions are a little more lenient. These trampolines are perfect for families or jumping with playmates. Similar to the smaller trampolines, they may include soft bumper pads that cover the springs.

You can find all of these sizes here at Mr Toys where a huge range of trampoline models can be found, including spring trampolines and trampoline parts.

Trampoline Accessories and Spare Parts

When buying a trampoline for your kids, you may also want to consider shopping for additional parts and accessories. There are many accessories available for kids to use during playtime on the trampoline, as well as several safety items parents can add to ensure a safe playing experience for their children.

You can purchase metal stakes and use them to help secure your trampoline to the ground. A trampoline ladder can make climbing up the trampoline easier for smaller children or even adults with smaller bodies. You can also purchase protective covers for your trampoline to protect it from weather conditions and nature’s elements – particularly if you don’t intend to disassemble it.

Tips on Choosing Your New Trampoline

If you think trampoline jumping is a great way to get your kids exercising, away from the sedentary pastime of playing video games and gadgets, then read on! We’re giving you some helpful tips on how to best choose the right trampoline.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

1. Check Your Space

Are you going to put your trampoline indoors or outdoors? Whichever it is, your trampoline’s size and shape will depend on the available space. The “bigger is better” concept may not be practical to follow. If your trampoline is too big for your space, you may end up regretting what you bought as it wouldn’t fit the space.

Measure your space properly! The recommendation is to have at least 1.5 metres of clearance on all sides away from obstacles such as the wall, fence, bushes, shrubs, branches, etc. The surface of your space should be flat.

2. What Size and Shape Will It Be?

Once you’ve considered the space, it’s time to think about the size and shape of your trampoline. Choosing the right size (or dimensions) should be easy now since you already know the measurements of your space; it will all just depend on that. However, you may need to think twice when it comes to your trampoline’s shape.

You can choose either a rectangular trampoline or a round trampoline. But then again, consider the safety measurements for the allowance of space and the distance of your trampoline’s sides to their nearest obstacle (refer to #1).

3. Know the Weight, Size, and Number of Jumpers

Every trampoline type or model has its maximum weight limit. Ignoring this tip is a common mistake among buyers and users of trampolines. So when you’re shopping for a trampoline, consider the people who will be using it? Will it just be the children or will it include Mum and Dad? Make sure you also measure the weight of each one including the total.

In addition, you may need to consider your children’s growth spurts. Kids increase their weight as they grow. Consider adding an extra allowance to your trampoline’s maximum weight limit if you don’t want to buy a new one every year.

4. What Are Its Accessories and Inclusions?

When it comes to children, whether they're at play or anywhere else, their safety is a primary concern. Following the tips above will not only ensure your trampoline’s longevity but also your children’s safety. Aside from that, however, your trampoline’s accessories and inclusions also have a say on how safe it is for the jumpers.

Most parents prefer the trampoline with frame and net enclosure as they provide a covered housing that protects the kids from falling off the sides. Some even have roofs or canopies to shield those inside from direct sunlight.

Some inclusions can help with the trampoline’s assembly and provide protection from the weather and nature’s elements (like snow, rain, etc). Additional accessories contribute to the ease of use or bring more fun for the players; examples of which are ladders, basketball hoops, and the likes. Feel free to enquire if these inclusions and accessories are part of the package or not.

5. Last but Not Least – Your Budget!

Having considered all of the above including the add-ons, your personal preference will still have a say on what you buy and how you spend. The thing is – it will have to be toned down by your budget. Of course, safety cannot be compromised!

For additional tips and guidelines, you may watch this video from Vuly Play (the popular Australian-owned brand of trampolines)…

Final Advice: The Best Deals of Trampolines in Australia

If you are looking to buy a trampoline for your child, you are probably wondering where to start searching.

With the many varieties and styles of kids’ trampolines available in Australia, it can be difficult to choose the appropriate one for your children. Before you purchase a trampoline, consider their ages and weights, how many would be jumping on the trampoline at the same time, and whether you want an indoor or outdoor trampoline.

Get the latest releases and best deals of trampolines at Mr Toys Toyworld! Buy online or shop in-store, and find the price that fits your budget. Our friendly team will be there to assist in making sure you have a great shopping experience.

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