Engage Your Child's Imagination with Little Tikes Toys

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Think back to what it was like being a child. Do you remember yourself imitating what grown-ups do? Oh, how it was fun to pretend doing the jobs and daily duties of adults! Now that you are a grown-up yourself, you may have taken your usual routines for granted as they may have become monotonous. Yet, to children they see these stuffs not as work, but something to be imitated and have fun doing so.

This is why pretend-play, make-believe play, or playing grown-up is one of the most popular activities children love to do. Of course, such “make believe” games become more thrilling to kids if they have tools and toys to play with. They definitely need something to drive if they want to pretend driving a car. Younglings will need to have safe tools and utensils whenever they are pretend-playing as cooks or mummies preparing food in the “kitchen.”

Pretend play is a form of symbolic play where children use toys, actions or ideas to represent “real” objects, actions, or ideas that grown-ups normally use or do.

Enter Little Tikes Toys!

Little Tikes is the iconic brand of toys that encourages active and imaginative play among children. They make products that get your little ones to move, spark curiosity, and dream big. The brand is known for their playhouses, ride-ons, sports, sandboxes, climbers, slides, role-play, creative arts, and juvenile furniture.

For many decades, their toys have symbolised what “good play” mean for children across generations. Their ride-ons and wagons, just to mention, have sold millions and delighted children the whole world over – even outselling real cars.

From miniature versions of kitchens and other furniture to their various types of ride-ons and wagons, kids have a chance to imagine and explore what grown-ups do every day. Just as parents would encourage their children to dream about what they want to be when they grow up, Little Tikes toys help kids to gain better sense of the world adults are working on in their daily lives. Of course, that does not diminish the fun and thrill of pretend-play.

Little Tikes Toys Celebrate the Best of Childhood

We bet each of us have memories of “playing house” with our friends and siblings. As parents, we don’t want to deprive the children of experiencing such fun and learning-filled activity.

That’s why Little Tikes has provided us with toys that will allow children to create their own sanctuaries and homes. Little Tikes’ playhouses are designed with numerous features that ensure the safety of children without lessening the enjoyable aspects.

With the variety of toys available, it’s no wonder why you won’t have a limited number of options to give to your child. They have outdoor chairs, plastic hammers, toy workshops – just to name a few! Their toys encourage little ones to have fun while role-playing what adults do.

Little Tikes Has Safety in Mind

Aside from all the stimulating benefits Little Tikes toys provide, their toys are also durable and safe to use and play with. They are made of robust materials so they can last a lifetime (even if your children have become grown-ups as well).

When you buy Little Tikes products from Mr Toys, you can be sure that they manufactured their toys with your child’s safety in mind. Their toys don’t have small parts that can become choking hazards. No sharp corners are present on each part, which may hurt children when playing. Little Tikes’ reputation precedes itself, and Mr Toys Toyworld is proud to be a partner in the distribution of their beautiful products.

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