The 1,200 Round NERF Blaster

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NERF engineers are just geniuses! We have said it before and it's worth saying again. It’s amazing that the mechanism inside the NERF blaster can fire bullets at terrific speeds without compromising safety. Everything inside the blaster makes it happen. However, some NERF enthusiasts love to modify, create, and build something that is equally amazing or even greater. Well, if they can do it, why not?

NERF blasters are built to last. They are made to do rapid firing. Yet, they don’t always hold a lot of firepower. The tank that holds the bullets has a typically small space and can hold about 100 rounds of bullets only. You may say that 100 rounds are already a lot. But what if you could modify it to hold 1,000 or even 1,200? Now we are talking about some serious firing power – and that’s exactly one NERF enthusiast did.

This guy didn't just modify one blaster, though. He modified the machine using 3 Nemesis Blasters that are capable of firing 1,200 rounds quickly and with ease. What he did first was to study their mechanisms to understand what modifications can be accomplished. Then, he glued down the safety devices that allow the gun to work once the hopper door was closed. This was a modification on top of another modification to the hopper.

Modifications on 3 Nemesis Blasters

The modified blaster is set up with 3 machines in 1. This setup allows for greater firing power for the 1,200 balls. There is also a huge hopper on the top, which is made from a plastic box. This is certainly a modification that many people can mess around and make with ease. There were no crazy tools used here as we have seen with Adam Savage’s modification of the NERF Rival Blaster.

The middle blaster comprises most of the machine, including the back half. However, it has the other 2 blasters on the sides, which will assist in the unloading process. The side machines do not have their back portion intact. This gives the blaster triple firing power. They are wired together so that they can shoot simultaneously at an instant, even those flywheels that are in the front.

All the machines are mounted together using a plastic plate. This can also be done using a sheet of foam or with a cardboard.

Because it is quite huge and heavy, this modified blaster must have something to mount on. In the video above, there is a tripod installed at the bottom to help hold the machine when it's blasting. The downside of this modified blaster is that it’s hard to use in an actual NERF war game wherein you need to capture the flag of your opponent.

Keep in mind that this blaster can be used primarily as a stationary shooter. It’s a heavy load if you carry it around while fighting in a battle. Also, it’s a bit large and bulky for NERF war games, unless if you are just guarding your team’s flag and you don’t need to run around. It’s a great weapon for a guard since it does have some serious shooting power. You don’t need to reload quite often as the capacity is enormous. Mounting it on a tripod will make your shots as accurate as you can.

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