Top 10 LEGO Flowers for Everyone 2024

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When was the last time you surprised your loved one? Whether it’s a simple present or a treat to their favourite restaurant, they will likely return your gesture with a very expressive smile, hug, kiss, tears of joy, or even a hysterical gasp. How about giving flowers?

Flowers are the all-time, universal gift of showing affection. It’s a sure way to touch each other’s feelings. Giving flowers is also a gesture that can mend broken hearts. For family or friend, a flower bouquet gift is something they will appreciate on any special occasion. There’s always a good reason to give someone flowers – and any “made-up reason” will do! Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthday, graduation, anniversary, or any day for that matter, giving a bouquet of flowers is an effective way to make someone happy.

Thinking of giving your loved one flowers today? We have a unique but “fantabulous” suggestion! Why not give them LEGO Flowers?

What Are LEGO Flowers?

LEGO Flowers belong to the LEGO Botanical Collection, a range of LEGO sets that brings you closer to nature with its realistically awesome brick-built blossoms. For many people, giving and receiving plants from a friend or loved one is something worth cherishing. Caring for plants holds a spiritual and emotional meaning to those who do so.

LEGO understands this pursuit by offering a range of LEGO sets that celebrate the value of botanical life and beauty! Knowing what plants and flowers represent can help you pick out the perfect gift. There’s a plant or flower for every personality and every occasion!

Create… Decorate… Celebrate! LEGO Flowers are gorgeous from all angles. Surprise your loved one with these awesome sets!

The Gift of a LEGO Flower Bouquet

When there’s something to celebrate and there's someone who holds a special place in your heart, you can’t go wrong with a colourful LEGO bouquet of flowers. Typifying love, adoration, and festivity, a LEGO Flowers bouquet is a great gift for any occasion. It’s definitely a versatile gift option!

Read on to see the top 10 LEGO Flowers that are great for office or home décor – a perfect Valentine's Day gift, Mother's Day gift, anniversary gift, birthday gift, or any day special gift.

10. LEGO Sunflowers 40524

SKU: 1171290

Sunflowers bring instant cheer and optimism to our surroundings. Now, you can build your own model version of this much-loved flower species in vibrant LEGO bricks. Create an eye-catching sunflower display or make a mixed bouquet by adding the LEGO Roses (40460), LEGO Tulips (40461) or LEGO Flower Bouquet (10280) sets (each set sold separately). It also makes a great Mother’s Day gift or anytime treat for a friend or loved one!

9. LEGO Roses 40460

SKU: 1171289

Mark a special occasion with these roses in LEGO bricks! They’re the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or just to let someone know how much they’re cherished. These roses bring a beautiful burst of colour when displayed in a vase. The easy-to-assemble set comes with 2 red blooms, green leaves, and length-adjustable stems. Combine with LEGO Tulips (40461) to add extra colour to this brick-built bouquet! The set is also compatible with the LEGO Flower Bouquet (10280).

8. LEGO Lotus Flowers 40647

SKU: 1171291

Re-create a wonder of nature with the LEGO Lotus Flowers building set! This LEGO interpretation of the globally celebrated flower depicts 2 lotus in full bloom, plus a flower head in bud, all in delicate shades of pink and white, with long green stems for vase display. This beautiful LEGO bouquet makes a great birthday, holiday, or any day gift idea and can be combined with other buildable LEGO flower sets (sold separately).

7. LEGO Daffodils 40747

SKU: 1171293

Give flowers that will last forever with the LEGO Daffodils celebration gift! Featuring 4 pastel-coloured blooms, this set is an awesome flower present to anyone who loves flowers. The buildable posy includes 2 yellow daffodils and 2 white daffodils, each with green stems and adjustable leaves to encourage customisation. Once complete, they can be displayed on their own or combined with other LEGO flowers (sold separately) to create a larger, more colourful bouquet.

6. LEGO Cherry Blossoms 40725

SKU: 1171292

Mark the arrival of new beginnings with the LEGO Cherry Blossoms celebration gift for aspiring florists and nature lovers aged 8 and up! Featuring 2 buildable cherry blossom twigs that can be decorated with delicate buds in shades of white and pink, the set encourages flower lovers to create customised LEGO blooms. Once complete, the set makes a beautiful piece of floral decor that will add a touch of spring joy to any space. It can also be combined with other LEGO flowers (sold separately) to create a vibrant bouquet.

5. LEGO Wildflower Bouquet 10313

SKU: 1163687

Crafted entirely from intricate LEGO pieces, the Wildflower Bouquet features 8 species of wildflowers on adjustable stems. Budding florists and flower lovers can spend hours building and identifying the blooms inspired by cornflowers, lavender stalks, Welsh poppies, cow parsley, leatherleaf ferns, gerbera daisies, larkspur, and lupins. Once complete, these LEGO flowers can be displayed in your favourite vase to become an eye-catching piece of home decor that will plant seeds of joy in whichever room they’re placed.

4. LEGO Tiny Plants 10329

SKU: 1171219

Create an elegant, zero-maintenance floral display with this home decor building set for adults! The LEGO Tiny Plants building project features flora based on arid, tropical. and carnivorous species, each nestled in a buildable, terracotta-coloured container. Enjoy time out crafting each of the 9 plants before displaying them in your home or office! This set makes a great gift for plant lovers and is the perfect project to enjoy with friends and family. Suitable for both new and advanced builders, it includes different models for easy, medium, and advanced levels of building complexity.

3. LEGO Bouquet of Roses 10328

SKU: 1171218

Take time out with the LEGO Icons Bouquet of Roses home decor building set for adults! Indulge in a mindful building project or treat a loved one to this timeless buildable bouquet – a perfect gift idea for Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion. This LEGO bouquet depicts a dozen red roses including 4 in full bloom, 4 blooming, and 4 in bud with long green stems for vase display, plus 4 sprigs of baby’s breath with small white flowers. Easy to assemble, the bouquet makes an elegant display for any space and is combinable with other sets from the LEGO Botanical Collection. The LEGO set comes with 6 brick bags and separate instructions for the 3 flowering stages, making it perfect for solo or group construction.

2. LEGO Flowers in Watering Can 31149

SKU: 1171282

Build, re-build, play with, and display 3 colourful models inspired by nature with this LEGO Creator 3in1 Flowers in Watering Can set! It features a brick-built yellow watering can toy with a handle and spout, filled with 3 flower toys with movable petals and 3 butterfly toys on transparent sticks that give the impression they are flying. Re-build this nature toy into a yellow welly boot filled with 3 flowers with movable petals, or 2 cute yellow toy birds on a flower-covered perch, and then display each model proudly in your room.

1. LEGO Succulents 10309

SKU: 1154605

Succulents are a popular way to introduce plants into your home and enhance your decor. Now, you can enjoy a mindful building project as you create an elegant plant display for your living space with this LEGO Succulents building kit for adults. Take your time crafting all the details of the 9 different succulents – each inspired by a real-life variety! Then, show off your creativity with the ultimate low-maintenance plant display. Each succulent comes in its own small container. Combine them to create 1 arrangement, display in small groups. or show them off individually throughout your home or office. This set also makes a great gift idea for plant lovers, and with 3 separate instruction booklets, it’s the perfect project to enjoy with friends and family.

LEGO Botanicals for You and Your Loved One

Who says plant aficionados and flower fans are out-of-place when among LEGO enthusiasts? LEGO designers kept them in mind during brainstorming sessions. The LEGO Botanical Collection is the LEGO theme just right for all plantitos and plantitas out there – and in fact for everyone!

Enter a world of creative expression and inspiration with LEGO Botanicals! Let your creativity bloom with different kinds of plants and flowers assembled in LEGO brick form.

Give your friend or loved one a gift from the LEGO Flowers and Botanical Collection today!

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