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Child development experts say that learning begins at home! Toy makers understand this concept – and VTech is one of the more popular toy companies that makes sure children learn when they play. VTech toys help kids experience an educational journey during playtime. Learning through play is one of the more important building blocks of a child's development.

Being a global leader in providing electronic learning toys for preschool children, VTech puts technology into good use – to encourage role-play and imaginative fun through real-life, educational experience. They are the makers of renowned and award-winning toys such as InnoTab, Toot-Toot Drivers, and Kidizoom. VTech adapts to the innovations of each era to ensure that kids get the most benefit from its products.

Was your childhood filled with great memories playing with VTech toys? Are your children enjoying the same fun experience with VTech as well? Today, we take a look at the developmental benefits kids can gain while playing with the colourfully engaging and interactive VTech toys. Let’s hear it straight from the VTech experts themselves!

Auditory Stimulation and Music

Fun and interesting sound effects draw a baby’s attention to play. As soon as babies are born, they are influenced by what they hear around them, and they accordingly adapt to the sounds and music they hear. Even in their first year, babies can distinguish between musical tunes on the basis of rhythmic patterns. Later, they begin to recognise the same melody played in a different key. Giving kids plenty of opportunities to hear music, singing, rhythm, and talking enhances their learning and prepares them for the social world where they will talk, sing, play, and listen to music.

Basic Maths Skills

We have an extensive range of VTech toys that help kids develop their counting and number identification skills. Even young babies can distinguish between a small set of objects and a large set of objects. A human can start learning numbers, numeric symbols, and quantities at a young age. Research has shown that maths skills can improve with practice; young children who are given plenty of opportunities to work and play with numbers and counting will improve their basic maths skills. Playing and practising with numbers is fun yet important for the development of a child’s understanding of quantity and measurements.

Cause and Effect

Reward your child as they learn that their actions have reactions! Cause and effect is a scientific concept that babies learn very early in their lives. A delightful example of this is when babies begin to explore gravity by dropping toys whilst sitting in their highchair. VTech toys offer children the opportunity to learn more about cause and effect by pressing buttons and listening to the sounds, moving toys around, and playing educational computer games.

Cognitive Development

Stimulate your child’s cognitive development and critical thinking through memory and logic games! As your child grows and develops, the brain changes in response to the child’s interaction with the world. Learning about the world through play strengthens connections in the brain; this enables kids to attain a greater understanding of their surroundings. Cognitive development can be a social activity; adults can help children to understand more about their world by presenting them with games and toys that stimulate their thinking and expand their knowledge base.

Creative Play

VTech promotes the use of imagination in a variety of ways and contexts to communicate ideas. Creative play is different from other forms of play; it enables children to develop confidence in their own abilities as they begin to think and work independently. Games and activities that provide choices and alternative solutions encourage a certain amount of risk-taking. Games with alternative answers can lead children to think creatively and differently.

Discovery and Exploration

With VTech toys, you can heighten your child’s curiosity and encourage exploration. Babies need to satisfy their curiosity about an object or toy by approaching and handling it. Adults can influence their child’s confidence about the world by encouraging and smiling at them when they approach a toy. The confidence to explore and discover new things develops during infancy and creates a healthy curiosity about the world throughout childhood.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Aiming and concentrating on a target improves hand-eye coordination. Humans have highly developed manual dexterity skills that distinguish them from any other species on Earth. This manual dexterity emerges during the baby’s first year and, with plenty of opportunities to manipulate through the toys they play with, it becomes a highly tuned ability. The development of hand and eye coordination skills continues throughout childhood. It is recommended that kids be encouraged to play games that require them to manoeuvre objects, build tall towers, or hit targets on a computer screen.

Imaginative Play

Kids gain the ability to explore the world by imagining and interacting with characters. As young children grow, they begin to engage other children in social pretend-play. It helps them to understand that other children think differently and have different ideas. They can use characters to explore scenarios and act out scripts such as going shopping or saving the world. Imaginative and social pretend-play is beneficial for kids as it allows them to explore different ways of viewing the world. Children who use their imagination when playing with other kids increase their social competence and their understanding of other people.

Language and Reading

Babies start to babble at an early age and this can be seen as the first signs of language. It is natural for them to pick up the sounds of the language that they hear. Young children also need to practice their language skills. Toys that name alphabet letters and everyday words satisfy their need for repetition and rehearsal when practising words and sounds. For instance, little ones can press a button repetitively to hear the same sound or word again and again. Kids learn a lot through repetition and pick up words rapidly in this way. Once children begin to read, their vocabulary expands enormously.

Fine Motor Skills

VTech toys encourage fine motor skill development. Many movements babies make are in preparation for the next stage of their development. When babies watch a moving object, they move their head, arms, legs, and even their mouths in response to the movement of the object. Sound also attracts a baby’s attention. Spatial skills can also be enhanced when playing with toys and games that require concentration, quick responses, and finely tuned motor skills.

Problem Solving Skills

Help your child in honing their logic and strategic thinking skills with VTech toys! Problem solving in childhood is about directing attention towards a goal and behaving in such a way as to achieve a successful outcome. For instance, a young infant who sees an adult hide a toy under a blanket will cease to look for it whereas an older infant will pull away the blanket to reveal the toy. These types of actions are the foundations of problem solving behaviour. As children grow, they learn to direct their attention and plan their actions. Thinking about actions ahead of time and planning what do next is all part of problem solving.

In some instances, solving problems involve cooperating and being "interdependent" with others. That's why VTech makes products that – not only foster independence – but also help develop social skills, encourage sharing, and promote teamwork through cooperative play.

Science Concepts

Children may naturally understand how the world around them works. Infants can begin to understand about physical objects and their effects upon one another. They also learn a great deal about the world around them by repeating actions that have an effect. Young children build knowledge of their world by acting on the environment around them. As children’s skills mature and develop, they can learn about science related words and expand their vocabulary.

Visualisation and Memory

VTech toys have engaging graphics and visualisation activities that help develop memory. Giving young children plenty of opportunities to explore their world allows them to enhance their memory skills. As children’s attention span increases, so do their memory strategies. This means that children can use deliberate mental activities, such as visualisation, to increase the chances of retaining information in their working memory, and then shifting it to their long-term knowledge base.

(Source: VTech Toys Australia)

Have you or your child been benefited by V Tech toys? For the meantime, please check out our awesome range of VTech electronic and learning toys here!

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