Buy Fireman Sam Toys and Playsets

When the people of Pontypandy need help, Fireman Sam is there to save the day! Fireman Sam is a British animated children's series about a fireman called Sam and his fellow firefighters who are ever-ready to come to the aid of Pontypandy and its citizens. Now, your firefighting hero is here for your child to enjoy. With our latest range of Fireman Sam vehicles, action figures, and other playsets, adventure and fun will not be far away. The residents of Pontypandy will always have something to learn about fire hazards and important safety lessons from their favourite next door hero. Your child will love playing with Fireman Sam and his friends through our range of Fireman Sam action figures and accessory packs. The action figures have fully articulated arms, legs, heads, detailed faces and uniforms. Combine them with a range of Fireman Sam vehicles and they become more exciting to play with. Let your child jump into the village of Pontypandy and see them create their own firefighting adventures with Fireman Sam and friends.