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Bubbles, bubbles everywhere! Little children love to play with bubbles. They love to blow bubbles and they like to run after a stream of countless bubbles. Mr Toys has an assortment of bubble making toys such as bubble makers, bubble blowers, and bubble machines that will definitely delight your children. See them explore a wonderful world of bubbles with our gazillion bubble makers and motorised bubble blowers that emit hundreds of bubbles – without the need for you to blow them yourself. They are great and fun accessories for any children’s party – birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion. Bubble toys are fantastic gifts for any child, big or small. Shop for bubble makers, bubble blowers, and bubble machines here at Mr Toys, and let your child celebrate a fabulous bubble fest in your backyard today.

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Is Your Child Fascinated by Bubbles?

Don’t underestimate one of the most fun and memorable childhood pleasures – the timeless bubble making and bubble chasing activity. How fun are those days when you go outside on a lazy afternoon to play bubbles with your childhood playmates. Whether it’s you who blows the bubbles or who runs after the bubbles to pop them, the fun is something no child can overlook.

Why not let your child experience the same joy? Buy them bubble making toys from Mr Toys now and see how they create the same fun and pleasure you experienced when you were a child yourself. We also have motorised bubble makers, bubble blowers, and bubble machines that can automatically emit hundreds of bubbles simultaneously. Imagine the immense fun your child and their friends will experience once they get to turn on that toy machine!

Create Memorable Childhood Experiences with Our Bubble Toys

Our bubble making toys have colours and designs that children will definitely like. Some even have themes of popular characters. Take the Barbie Bubble-tastic Mermaid, for example! It comes with a giant mermaid that creates bubbles when you place it in the shell-shaped dipping tray.

There’s also the Playgo Bubble Machine that generates more bubbles than you and your child can count. Why not try to catch the bubbles from the Bubble Club Bubble Muncher? It’s a cute caterpillar-like machine that is ready to munch on bubbles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
So whether your child is a toddler, pre-schooler, or already in grade school, they will certainly enjoy our range of bubble toys and automatic bubble makers. Grab them at Mr Toys and ensure a fun time of bubbles galore for your child now.

What Do Children Gain When They Play with Bubbles?

  • Following where the bubbles go develops visual tracking skills.
  • Making bubbles with bubble making toys hones fine motor skills.
  • Because bubbles are wet and slimy, they will be able to practice their sensory processing skills.



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