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Playing with toy cars and trucks is a huge part of our childhood experience. Building roads, hauling other toys, and racing with friends are some of the activities you can do with them. You can find a vast assortment of cars and trucks in our toy store. We carry all the leading brand names such as Road Rippers, Hot Wheels, and Matchbox.

You can buy them individually or choose playsets with roadways and other street features. Save time and money by shopping online and choose from our huge assortment of toy cars and trucks. Have a good online shopping experience with Mr Toys.


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Cars and Trucks

Playing Cars and Trucks are Fun Learning Activities

Cars and trucks are great toys for your children. They are one of the toys children can really get into. Instead of just allowing your children to stay glued at gadgets, why not give them toys like cars and trucks for them to explore and play with?

Playing with toy cars and trucks has more benefits than being attached to gadgets and online games. You can use such activity to bond with your child. All you need is to be creative and come up with ideas on how to best create a role-playing game using toy cars and trucks. You may invite your child’s friends to join in the fun.

Here are some suggested fun-learning activities which you can do while playing with toy cars and trucks:

  • Naming different types/models of vehicles
  • Identifying colours
  • Counting
  • Building made-up bridges, roads, and make-shift cities
  • Practicing resourcefulness through DIY games.

Get your very own car and truck toys at Mr Toys and embark on imaginative adventures with your child.



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