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Help your little child learn about different shapes and to recognise how things can fit together by giving them jigsaw puzzles for kids. When children play and piece up a jigsaw puzzle, they combine fun and learning into one thrilling activity. Mr Toys holds a great selection of jigsaws and frame tray puzzles suitable for a variety of ages. Frame tray puzzles and jigsaws train little children to get familiar with different shapes and images such as those of animals, landscapes, letters, numbers, and more. As kids grow up, they may look for more challenging puzzles to piece up and play with. Shop for children’s jigsaws and frame trays at Mr Toys today and select the best items appropriate for your child’s age and skill level.

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Childrens Jigsaw Puzzles

Kids’ Jigsaws and Frame Tray Puzzles

Jigsaws and frame tray puzzles are great toys for kids… and for adults too! In fact, it’s a great way for parents and their children to bond with each other. You can sit on the floor with the kids and start solving a jigsaw puzzle together. Albeit mentally stimulating, playing with jigsaws is a relaxing activity that kids and parents can enjoy doing together.

While it is a favourite past time for many kids and families, frame tray puzzles and jigsaws are used in preschools to help boost the problem solving skills of children. They are an excellent educational tool that has mental and emotional benefits, such as:

  • mental stimulation
  • confidence and patience
  • dexterity and eye-coordination
  • visual recognition.

Jigsaw Puzzles – Past and Present

The first jigsaw puzzle was created by a mapmaker from London by the name of John Spilsbury. He made a map on a piece of wood and cut it into several pieces, as a means to teach his geography class. After a while, this “broken map” became famous with his colleagues who then used the same technique for their own classes.

Today, jigsaws are made from durable cardboard materials that are light and kid friendly.

Teach Your Child the Virtue of Patience with Jigsaws and Frame Tray Puzzles

Piecing up a jigsaw puzzle is indeed time-consuming, but it also promotes patience and out-of-the-box thinking. It encourages children to fine tune their dexterity and eye coordination. Experts say that playing with jigsaws can boost memory and improve the child’s analytical skills.
Help your child learn patience and improve their mental prowess by giving them kids’ jigsaw puzzles and frame tray puzzles to play with. Buy a set at Mr Toys Toyworld today!



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