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Datsun is a line of cars under the Nissan brand known for its lightweight, economical, but durable vehicles. And for car enthusiasts, model hobbyists, toy collectors, and not to forget the kids, Mr Toys offers you a great range of Datsun toy car models for you to collect and enjoy. Return to the era when this classic car brand enamoured motorists around the world back in the days. Our Datsun toys will bring back memories of the golden age of automobiles. Assemble the plastic models and play around with die-cast replicas. Mr Toys’ range of Ducati toys will make everyone who loves cars smile with wide-eyed delight. So shop for Ducati toy cars at Mr Toys and start your collection today!

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Datsun Toys

What is Datsun?

Datsun is a car brand under the Nissan Motor Company. Prior to Nissan’s ownership, the brand was originally called as DAT after the names of its investors – Den, Aoyoma, and Takeuchi. DAT was founded in 1914 and, in Japanese, literally means lightning-fast.

When Did Nissan Acquire Datsun?

DAT cars became a hit since the company’s launch, but later taken over by Nissan in 1933. Nissan’s founder, Yoshisuke Aikawa, wanted DAT cars to provide “mobility for all” with lightweight, economical, but durable automotive functions.

From DAT to Datsun

After Nissan has acquired DAT, Mr Aikawa re-named it to DAT-Son which means “son of DAT.” Eventually the name evolved into Datsun, with over 20 million cars sold around the world.

In 1981, Datsun was phased out from the automobile industry.

The Return of Datsun

Nissan re-introduced the Datsun brand of cars in 2010 to meet the world’s rapidly changing needs on mobility and transportation.

For those who love to collect car models, especially Datsun cars, Mr Toys offers you the best range of Datsun toy cars that replicate the same look of real Datsun cars.



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