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Do you and your children love anything Disney and you’re looking for a way to engage the entire family through a challenging group activity without going out of the house? Why not try jigsaw puzzles? And we don’t mean just jigsaw puzzles, but Disney jigsaw puzzles! Our Disney jigsaw puzzles come in all shapes and sizes – with various Disney characters and designs. These puzzles will definitely encourage your family to work as a team in bringing the pieces together to create a visible scenic picture – the same way you would want your family to be together to make up a great picture of love and happiness. And isn’t that what the Disney message is all about? So shop for Disney jigsaw puzzles at Mr Toys and invite the entire family in a thrilling jigsaw adventure with your favourite Disney characters!

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Disney Jigsaw Puzzles

Enjoy Jigsaw Puzzles with the Disney Experience

Do you ever wonder how life was like when there were no televisions, radios, smart phones, or electronic devices that promote audio and visual stimulation? In those days, people relied on jigsaw puzzles for their games and entertainment. A typical home would have a table in the gathering area and you would see pieces of jigsaw puzzles scattered on it.

It’s time to step back into time and experience the fun that our grandparents enjoyed during their days. You will certainly love the pleasure of re-creating an amazing image by piecing up the puzzle – and you won’t mind the time you spend doing so. What’s great is – you can do so with the same joy you feel like you’re watching a Disney movie!

Disney Jigsaw Puzzles – Another Great Way to Experience the Disney Kind of Happiness

Your kids will love to participate once you invite them to a jigsaw puzzle game – especially if it has a Disney character or scene on it. They will not be left behind as the parents and grown-ups can provide guidance on what pieces should come next – or maybe it would be the other way around (wink).

At Mr Toys Toyworld, we have Disney puzzles that range from 25 to 5,000 pieces – from the easy to the more challenging ones. We also have 3D jigsaws if you want a touch of realism.

Have a look at these popular Disney puzzle ranges:
Bring in the entire family, grab a Disney jigsaw puzzle set, and enjoy the thrill of piecing together in an atmosphere of love and happiness – the way Disney wants it to.



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