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Dolls are one genre of toys that children will get to know during their early years – starting from soft plush dolls to baby dolls. As they grow up, they will learn to like other types of dolls particularly the ones that replicate grownup lifestyle like Barbie, Bratz, and Moxie. And if it’s dolls or other soft toys you are searching for, then Mr Toys is here to bring you the best dolls and soft toys in the market. We have the all-time favourites which include Strawberry Shortcake, Cabbage Patch, Baby Alive, and many more. We also carry soft toys and dolls that depict animals such as My Little Pony and Littlest Pet Shop. Dolls and soft toys are great playthings that allow children to express their love and care through nurturing and companionship. So whether you’re buying dolls to give us gifts for children or to add to your own doll collection, Mr Toys will be happy to help you with your shopping.

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What Makes Dolls and Soft Toys So Timeless

Dolls and soft toys are the kind of toys that can speak to your heart. Their cuteness and adorable appearance make you think that they are asking you to be their friend.

Toddlers love the company of soft and cuddly dolls that make them feel safe whenever they sleep. For older children, they can be great confidants whom they can share their secrets with.

Most kids want their dolls to be always with them. You will notice how children will often bring their beloved dolls even when they go on a trip. That’s why you can see dolls and soft toys inside family cars.

Dolls and Soft Toys Are for Adults Too

There are many grownups who collect dolls and soft toys as a hobby. These dolls will always be part of their lives. There are thousands of online communities where doll collectors congregate and share their experiences.

No girlfriend can resist an adorable doll if you decide to give one as a gift on Valentine’s, Christmas, or her birthday. Dolls, particularly baby dolls, can also be therapeutic to some since they replicate the traits and characteristics of babies. The thing is, dolls and soft toys are far from being forgotten – they serve as companions to children, fun hobby for grownups, top choice for presents, and therapy to some adults.

So if you need to shop for dolls for whatever purpose it is, just browse through this page and see the vast assortment of dolls and soft toys Mr Toys has to offer. You may want to check out the following top search terms for dolls and soft toys:

Fashion Dolls

Barbie Dolls

Disney’s Frozen Dolls

Doll Houses

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Cabbage Patch Kids Dolls

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Snack Time Friends Dolls

Surprise Dolls

Baby Alive Dolls



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