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There’s no better way for little kids to learn than through play! Toys make learning so easy and fun, your little ones will not even realise they are learning. Mr Toys has a fantastic selection of educational toys that promote everything from reading and writing to improving creativity and motor skills. We also have learning toys based on kids’ favourite characters such as Bob the Builder, Jake the Pirate, Mr Potato Head, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Big Bird from Sesame Street, The Wiggles, and many… many more! Our wide range of educational toys includes respectable brands like Fisher Price and VTech among many others. With this awesome assortment of educational toys, you’re sure to find the perfect items suitable for your child’s age requirements.

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Educational Toys

Learning through Play with Educational Toys

Playing with toys make up some of our fondest childhood memories. Beginning in infancy and toddlerhood, toys play an important role in early childhood development. Here are a couple of reasons why you should buy educational toys for your little one:

  1. Toys are a child’s first view of the world.
  2. Toys are – naturally – all about fun.

1. Toys – Your Child’s First View of the World

Toys are your child’s first view about the world. They’re the gateway to great and amazing things that will later come in your child’s life.

Certain toys are better suited for particular age groups. So when looking for educational toys, you should consider your child' personality and age range. You should also note that learning toys have categories which aim to develop a particular skill or knowledge.

Some toys are designed to help sharpen your child’s developing senses; others demonstrate important concepts such as cause and effect, while some help to bolster your child’s memory. There’s no shortage of toys that will help develop the different skill sets of your budding intellectual.

While there are educational toys geared towards older kids, most learning toys typically target babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. The brain develops most rapidly during the first 5 years of human life; that’s why it’s vital to provide kids in this age range the right educational toys for better cognitive development.

2. Educational Toys Are Not Bereft of Fun

Thankfully, these types of simple toys are also a lot of fun for young minds, which means your child will have a blast while they play and their brain is busy at work.

Mr Toys has a great selection of early learning toys and games. We have puzzles for kids, colouring sets, electronic and interactive toys that produce sounds and music, moulding clays for squishing and squashing, and a lot more items that will tickle all the senses of your little learner. Creativity and imagination is at play with Mr Toy’s range of educational toys.
We’re happy to help you find the right toys for your child, so that your little one can start learning through play today and foster a life-long love of learning.



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