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Nestled within the Fairytale World, Ever After High is a boarding school attended by the teenaged children of well-known fairytale characters. According to their headmaster, the kids must follow their individual destinies or their stories will cease to exist – and they will disappear. But the kids of Ever After High don’t always want to follow in their parents’ footsteps (would you, if your mother was the Evil Queen?). Follow along with Raven Queen, Apple White, and all their friends as they try to decide between embracing their given destinies and creating their own. Fans of the book series will love collecting the fashion dolls and creating new adventures for these fantastical students.

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Ever After High

Ever After High Dolls: These Fantasy Dolls Have Their Own Stories

Fantasy stories like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White are popular. To reach a whole new audience, Mattel has released Ever After High dolls. Like the popular Monster High dolls by the same company, these dolls are designed after a popular story. Where Monster High takes their inspiration from popular horror stories or legends of lake monsters and more, Ever After High takes their inspiration from fantasy stories that have been enjoyed by many generations past.

Each of these Ever After High dolls mentions their parent's story. Duchess Swan, for example, is the daughter of the Swan Queen, and her story is inspired by Swan Lake. Lizzie Hearts, on the other hand, is from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and she is considered the daughter of the Queen of Hearts. Like the Monster High dolls, not all of these dolls are designed from the "good" characters of fairy tales.

Mattel really tried to keep with the original fairy stories too. The original tale of Rapunzel says that she has twins, and Mattel held to that with their Ever After High dolls Poppy and Holly O'Hair. They are the twin daughters of Rapunzel. Mattel doesn't just focus on princess stories, however. Blondie Lockes is the daughter of Goldilocks from the story of The Three Little Bears. Mattel also dabbles in mythology with Ever After High with their doll C.A. Cupid, the daughter of Eros. Get your fairy tale fan a whole new set of dolls from Mr Toys.



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