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No one knows children and their toys quite like Fisher Price Toys. This is the trusted name in baby and preschool toys. Fisher Prices Toys start out with simple toys for babies and grow with children to include a range of electronic toys. Our online selection of Fisher Price Toys includes the Fisher Price Activity Walkers for toddlers learning to walk. Older tots will enjoy the digital Fisher Price Smart Table that introduces them to digital concepts. Fisher Price Toys are great learning toys with fun activities for bath time, outside play time, role playing, and more. Shop online today and let Mr Toys Toyworld save you time and money.

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Fisher Price: A Classic Toddler Toy Brand

Fisher Price has got to be one of the most famous names in infant and toddler toys. The company was founded in 1930 by a group of artists and toy retailers. The first toys were made of wood and steel, making them extremely durable. In the 1950s, the company latched on to plastic as an ideal new material for children's toys and rapidly began expanding their offerings.

The 1960s saw the introduction of the Little People, one of the company's most famous toy lines, and indeed, one of the most famous toddler toy lines of all time. The Little People are chubby plastic figurines with just a head and a torso. They fit like pegs into various play sets and accessories, like cars, trucks, fire stations, doll houses, farms, and service stations. There was even a Sesame Street themed play set. The Little People appeal to toddlers because they are brightly coloured, easy to grab and manipulate, and inspire creative and educational play. For example, the farm set provides a great opportunity to learn about animal sounds.

Other classic products include the Corn Popper, the Chatter Telephone, and the Magna Doodle.

All Fisher Price toys reflect the company ideals of value, ingenuity, and durability. This remained true even after the company was acquired by Mattel in 1993. Today Mattel markets all of its toddler toys under this classic brand name. When you pick up toddler toys from Mr Toys for popular TV franchises, like Winnie the Pooh, Dora, Thomas and others, check the label to make sure it's Fisher Price!


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