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Flamingos are large aquatic birds that can wade themselves on water. They have webbed feet (similar to ducks), long legs and neck, and broad bills that are bent downward. Flamingos normally have rosy-white feathers and reddish wing coverts. Because of their colourful and cute-looking appearance, flamingos are favourite models for kids’ toys. So if you are looking for flamingo toys to give your child today browse through this webpage and see our fantastic range of flamingo toys. Our selection of flamingo toys include soft toys, bath toys, inflatables, figures, key chains, puzzles, and even ride-on toys. Shop for flamingo toys at Mr Toys and let your child have fun with flamingos everyday!

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Flamingos Are Social Birds

Aside from being colourful and cute-looking, flamingos are very social birds. You will always see them living in colonies with populations that can number in thousands.

Why Do Flamingos Live in Colonies?

Nature has prompted flamingos to evolve in such a way that they prefer to live in colonies, primarily because of these 3 reasons:

  1. Flamingos can better avoid predators when they live together.
  2. Flamingos can maximise their food search and intake when they are in groups.
  3. Flamingos can better make nesting sites more efficiently when they are together.
The word flamingo came from the Portuguese/Spanish “flamengo” or “flamenco” which means flame-coloured. Because of their colourful appearance, kids would always love to watch them either in reel or real life.
Bring the colour and liveliness of the flamingo bird into your home by buying flamingo toys. Shop for flamingo toys at Mr Toys now!



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