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FurReal Friends

FurReal Friends (or just FurReal) from Hasbro are realistic plush animals that respond to a person’s touch and simple commands. They can emulate behaviours and actions that normal pets have and can do. FurReal toys replicate the animals that are adorable to young children such as (but not limited to) cats, rabbits and dogs. Yet, they also have animals that are not normally taken in as pets like horses, elephants, tigers, unicorns, bears, and even dinosaurs. Your child will enjoy cuddling and playing with their own FurReal pet, and you don’t have to worry about the risk of being bitten or scratched by the animal. Explore a world of amazingly interactive and lifelike pets with the FurReal collection of loveable pets! Our enormous range of FurReal toys will make your child’s eyes grow wide with excitement. Shop for them now here at Mr Toys.

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FurReal Friends

FurReal Friends Are Just Like Real Live Pets

FurReal is well-known for its realistic replications of animals as an alternative to live pets. If your child wants to own an animal for a pet, but you are wary about them getting bitten or scratched, FurReal solves that problem for you. FurReal toys can imitate the behaviours and actions of real animals, and your child will not mind the difference! Buy them a FurReal toy and they will spend hours of cuddly adventures with their new FurReal Friend.

What Kind of Animals Does FurReal Offer?

There are several adorable animals to choose from. If you are after the usual domesticated pets, there is a cat, rabbit, dog, and bird. Yet, if your child wants something a bit more wild or exotic, we have a dragon, lion, panda, bear, monkey, dinosaur, and so much more. Check out our large range of FurReal pets – only at Mr Toys Toyworld. Buy them directly here on our website and we will have them shipped over to your place, or you may visit any of our stores across Australia.



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