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Welcome to the magnetic world of Geomag, the original brand of magnetic construction toys since 1998! Shop for Geomag toys and educational kits here at Mr Toys. With Geomag’s classic magnetic rods and steel spheres, so much fun are in-store for kids. They can build endless structures, with no limits to their imagination. Geomag’s wide range of colours will show your child a whole new way of playing. Have a look at Mr Toys’ assortment of Geomag products and discover the fun possibilities that your child will experience when they play with Geomag toys. With Geomag, the toys are not only fun, they are also educational. Both parents and children will love how Geomag provides educational entertainment. Browse through this webpage and buy Geomag building toys now!

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Geomag Toys – The Invisible Force of Fun and Learning

In 1998, Geomag invented the first magnetic construction toy. Simple elements, such as magnetic rods and metal spheres, are held together by a magical force of nature that lets you build amazing structures, unleashing creativity and imagination from children.

Over the years, millions of children and parents are playing with Geomag products. It just shows the fact that magnetism is just one of the many invisible forces that bring life to kids’ creativity and imagination everywhere.

Creativity, intelligence, the human mind, magnetism, and even gravity are all natural energies and forces that cannot be seen but they all make playing with Geomag toys fun and educational.

Geomag Toys Are Environmentally Friendly

The people at Geomag know that innovation must go hand in hand with 2 fundamental priorities:

1. Minimising the impact on the natural environment.

2. Maximising the social benefits as much as possible.

Geomag continuously works on improving their products and production processes. When you buy Geomag toys, you can be sure you’re not only providing great fun for kids but you also help the environment for the future of your children.

Primary Platforms of Geomag Toys:

Geomag Classic

Geomag Magicube

• Geomag Kor

Geomag Pro-L

Shop for Geomag magnetic toys and build great memories with your child starting today!



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