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If you ask kids what their favourite animals are, the giraffe will be among the top 10. And why not? The giraffe is a unique kind of animal – it’s big but it doesn’t hunt and hurt other animals (including humans); it has fascinating yellow fur with brown spotted maps; and of course, it has a very long neck that makes it stand out from other animals. That’s why toy companies can’t help but satisfy kids’ longing to touch and hold a giraffe by making giraffe toys. If you’re looking to buy giraffe toys for your child, Mr Toys is the best place to shop. Our wide range of giraffe toys include figures, games, puzzles, inflatables, and soft toys (from cute, petite sizes to larger than life plushies). Explore this webpage and discover lots of giraffe toys for your child’s delight.

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Giraffe – The Tallest Mammal in the World

Because of their soaring necks and towering legs, giraffes are known to be the tallest among the mammals that roam the Earth (although giraffes are endemic to Africa). In fact, the legs of a giraffe measure way taller than any average human. The giraffes’ long legs enable them to run as fast as 35 miles/hour to 10 miles/hour, depending on how short or long the distance is.

How Tall Are Giraffes?

Male giraffes can reach over 18 feet (5.5 metres) in height, while female giraffes can reach about 14 feet (4.5 metres). By the age of 4, giraffes may grow to almost their full height.

Why Do Kids Love Giraffes?

Kids love giraffes for a variety of reasons. Among them are the following:

  • Their cute, yellowish fur with brown map-looking spots
  • Giraffes’ uniquely long neck and legs
  • Giraffes are not predators.
Where to Find the Best Range of Giraffe Toys
When looking for the best range of giraffe toys, Mr Toys is the right place to shop. Buy your child giraffe toys at Mr Toys today!



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