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Make your riding experience on the sidewalk as fun as it can be with Globber Scooters available here at Mr Toys Toyworld! Outdoor play is an important part of an active and healthy childhood. However, children today are surrounded by a plethora of screens and gadgets that distract them from playing outdoors and engaging in healthy exercise. Experts recommend that kids spend more time for active play and energy releasing activities. Scooters are a great solution to this problem! Globber’s award-winning scooters for kids, teenagers, and even adults deliver quality and provide features that encourage a healthy and active lifestyle. Globber is the brand of innovative scooters with unmatched functionalities and suitable for all ages. Own a revolutionary scooter by Globber today!

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Globber Scooters

Why Buy Scooters by Globber

Scooters don’t only encourage outdoor play; they also help build confidence in children – enabling them to try, explore, and learn new things. Scooters from Globber have an innovative and sturdy design that allows young riders to develop balance and agility. They feature adjustable handlebars that can be customised to the growing arms and hands of your child. Globber Scooters also have steering locks that provide additional safety and stability.

Innovation is ingrained in Globber's identity. Globber offers the kind of products that ensure safety of the riders. Globber scooter for kids has a patented steering lock button which helps young children learn how to ride. They are the first scooter company to release the foldable 3-wheel scooter in the market and the assisted 1-second folding scooter, specifically designed for the commuting rider.

Globber Scooter’s Reputation for Innovation and Unmatched Functionalities

Founded in 2014 by experts with more than 20 years of experience in the riding and scooter industry, Globber is a key player in the scooter market. Globber transforms the conventional scooter with its reliable, sleek and innovative design, and unmatched functionality. There is a Globber Scooter for everyone!

Globber Scooters have 4 main categories:

  • Globber for toddlers
  • Globber for kids
  • Globber for teens
  • Globber for adults
So if you want a safe and fun ride with a breeze, grab a Globber Scooter from Mr Toys now!
Check these popular groups of Globber Scooters:

Globber Lime Green

Globber Primo Foldable

Globber E Motion

Globber Neon

Globber Evo Series

Globber Navy

Globber NL 125

Globber Dark Blue

Globber 3 Wheels

Globber 2 Wheels



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