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Experience the power of gravity with Gravitrax, the interactive track system! With the GraviTrax toys you will encounter a new interactive track system that will allow you to design and build your own race tracks and experiment with gravity, magnetism, and kinetics to propel your gravity sphere to the finish. It has a variety of tiles, levels, and tracks with features you can control using the speed of each gravity sphere. It’s the new line of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) toys from Ravensberger! The open-ended building concept offers endless possibilities to design a different track every time you play. Shop for Gravitrax toys here at Mr Toys and enjoy playing with gravity in a whole new way!

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You Begin with the Gravitrax Starter Set

The Gravitrax Starter Set has everything you need to play with gravity in a whole new way! With over 100 pieces and 18 different construction elements, the GraviTrax Starter Set has the accessories you need to begin building your own action-packed track systems. Discover how the laws of physics affect the path your gravity sphere by adding curves, crosses, or even a cannon to your track. Do experiments using different heights and angles to control the speed of the gravity sphere.

The set contains tasks and construction plans that will introduce you to the world of GraviTrax. Let your creativity take over and construct your own track designs from scratch. The more you build, the more you will want to experiment with new layouts and designs. As you go on constructing and playing, you can add speed and flair to your tracks with Gravitrax Expansion Sets, add-ons, action accessories.

Enjoy Playing with Gravity in a Whole New Way with the Gravitrax Collection

The Gravitrax collection consists of the following:

Gravitrax Starter Set

• Gravitrax Expansion Sets
• Gravitrax Add-ons

There is also the Gravitrax app which you can download to you iPhone or Android phone.

Buy Gravitrax Starter Set, Expansion Sets, add-ons, and other accessories here at Mr Toys today!



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