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It’s time to bring your child’s chopper flying dream to the next level. Buy them helicopter toys from Mr Toys Toyworld! We have a wide range of helicopter toys that children and even adult collectors will definitely love. Our selection includes RC (remote/radio control) toy choppers and drones, plastic assembly models, LEGO chopper sets, die-cast toys, and electronic learning toys for preschoolers. Launch it on a helipad, fly it up high, and make your child’s dream of becoming a heli-pilot a reality. Start by giving them helicopter toys! Shop now at Mr Toys and let your child experience what it’s like to have their very own helicopter.

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Helicopter Toys

Helicopter – The Vertical Flight Vehicle

A helicopter or chopper is a type of flying craft that is powered by horizontally spinning rotors. The rotors allow the chopper to take off, land vertically, and hover through the air. Because of these capabilities, the helicopter is used in engorged areas where air planes can’t land or fly in close proximity to the ground.

Where Did the Word Helicopter Come from?

The word helicopter came from 2 Greek words – “helix” meaning spiral or whirl, and “ptreon” meaning wing. Other names for the helicopter are:

  • chopper
  • heli
  • copter
  • and whirlybird.

Mr Toys’ Selection of Helicopter Toys

Encourage your child’s dream to fly the skies by giving them helicopter toys. Our range includes:

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