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Witness action-packed battles unfold! Get in the arena where a collection of the world’s most destructive machines fight it out with each other. Meet the formidable HEXBUG BattleBots. What’s great about HEXBUG toys is you give kids a chance to get themselves into science and intellectual exploration. Owning a HEXBUG toy will give them the opportunity to operate their very own robot. HEXBUGs are ingenious “creatures” that blend bugs with robotics. They can be controlled via a battery operated radio controller. Children will adore these BattleBots and adults will love to include them in their collectibles. From the HEXBUG AquaBot to the HEXBUG Spider which scrambles along the ground on wiry legs, these robot toys are fun to watch and control. HEXBUGs are child-friendly toys that come in a variety of brilliant and transparent colours. You can even see their inside mechanicals as they move and travel. HEXBUG BattleBots are great toys that will help children learn how to put things together and instil in them technical curiosity. These collectible bots can be operated with other bots as a fleet or individually. Playset stages to run the bots are also available. You might also find the HEXBUG Family Pet as fascinating as the other bots. Explore the world of HEXBUG BattleBots at Mr Toys Toyworld today.

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HEXBUG and BattleBots

HEXBUG BattleBots Can Stimulate Problem-Solving Skills

HEXBUG Micro Robotic Creatures are remote-controlled robotic bugs adored by children and adults alike. These toys are not just for enjoyment, they also teach skills such a technical dexterity and inquisitiveness. Because it allows players to customise their own bots and design their own game, HEXBUG toys can stimulate kids’ problem-solving skills – something that is important to a child’s learning and development.

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