Educational Science and STEM

Toys that are colourful are often attracting kids attention, that might help them learn colours, and some toys come with simple shapes which allows them to identify different shapes. There are many toys available online here at Mr Toys, to encourage learning for your little one. As parents, be sure to purchase a child-friendly, non-toxic and easy to use educational products for your kids.


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Educational Science and STEM

Balancing between Electronic and Non Electronic Educational Toys

If you are buying toys for your kids, make sure that they can also learn something while playing with it. As parents, you should also ensure that you balance the use of electronic and non-electronic toys for your kids. Many parents are not in favour of the use of electronic toys for extended periods, so supervision is essential. Electronic gadget and toys are educational as long as supervised by an adult. These toys will help them learn the basics, buy something that is very colourful and interactive. These toys will also introduce them to nursery rhymes, shapes and colours. Nonetheless, here at Mr Toys, we provide many options for you to choose a perfect educational toy for your kids.

Tablet Educational Toy - Tablet toys are good for kids 3 years old and above - Toys are made from durable and non-toxic materials - Introduction to letters, sounds, and numbers.

Puzzles - Puzzles are great for kids 3 years old and above. - Made from safe materials and comes in bright colours - Enhances kids memory, focus, and solving skills.



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