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If you are a LEGO hobbyist who loves to do more challenging builds than the usual LEGO sets, then LEGO Technic is the LEGO theme made just for you. Featuring a range of mechanical kits with detailed instructions, you will be challenged to build a fully functioning vehicle model that can be used for play or display. Immerse yourself in the amazing level of detail and features such as full steering, moving pistons, and lifting mechanisms. There is nothing quite like the thrill of completing a challenging project with LEGO Technic. Shop for LEGO Technic mechanical toys and building sets at Mr Toys, and raise the bar of your LEGO building hobby today!

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LEGO Technic

LEGO Technic Mechanical Toys and Building Sets

LEGO Technic, along with the LEGO System, is one of the main lines of the LEGO Group. It is the LEGO line that deals with building detailed models of machines such as automobiles. These models come with specified beams and connectors that allow you to create and follow the details of the machines they replicate – accurately and smoothly.

It was originally introduced as the LEGO Expert Builder series in 1977 and was later renamed as LEGO Technic in 1984. From tanks to tow trucks, all the models use specialised gears, pulleys, pneumatics, and electric motors that allow for a fully functioning vehicle.

LEGO Technic for Advanced Builders

Those who have seen a fully built LEGO Technic model are amazed at the outcome of the product. It is truly incredible! The LEGO Technic building sets are recommended for advanced LEGO builders. The sets offer a more distinctive look at creativity and engineering that will make your LEGO toys come alive.

The LEGO Technic range is also for older kids who are capable enough to understand advance building techniques. It will test their skills in building intricate and fully functional LEGO masterpieces, as it helps them develop their dexterity and problem solving skills. The LEGO Technic range is appropriate for children aged 11 and above.

The Best Place to Shop for LEGO Technic Sets
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LEGO Technic sets are available here at Mr Toys. Get one now and take advantage of amazing deals and promos on LEGO items.



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