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When you get behind the wheel of a Holden car, you know that you’ve got the power to take on any challenge on the road. And what’s the second best thing to owning and driving a Holden car? It’s collecting and playing with miniature yet realistic Holden car models! Mr Toys is happy to offer you a great range of Holden toy cars for every child and toy car hobbyist out there. Holden is a famous Australian brand of marque cars that has transformed many journeys and road trips into everyday victories. Australians and people around the world have trusted Holden cars for years. Now kids and toy car collectors can enjoy these great vehicles in toy model versions. So shop for Holden toy model cars at Mr Toys now to start your collection today!

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What Holden Is Famous For

Holden cars are famous for giving motorists and drivers the confidence to rise to the challenge of great journeys and road trips, putting people out there to go on adventures in their own unique ways. In the same manner, Holden toy cars will push you to great imaginations of driving your own Holden car through fantastic journeys and adventures.

The Heritage of Holden Cars

No other car company has shaped Australia in so many ways for so long. Holden’s history is iconic. It’s the brand of cars that are made in Australia for Australians. And that’s why toy car collectors want to get a hand on Holden toy models like they are the real thing.

Holden Turns Moments into Memories

Every moment you play with a Holden is always an occasion to remember. Toy cars can be found in every toy store, but Holden is unique with it’s touch of Australian adventure.

Holden Holds a Record of Top-Notch Cars

Holden is renowned for its top-notch cars. It carries this reputation over to its toy car models. Holden has always been known for its world-class vehicle design program.

The story of Holden is an Australian story that any Australian will appreciate and relate to. So bring the nostalgia and thrill of Holden cars into your home and buy Holden toy cars at Mr Toys now!



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