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Playing house or “playing grown-up” is a traditional children’s game and a favourite among kids across generations. It is a make-believe game wherein players take the roles of a nuclear family. The roles include mum, dad, children, and even pets. The game is made more realistic with props such as toy food, kitchen playset, dolls, and the likes.

Here at Mr Toys, we have a huge collection of house role-play toys that will give children the accessories they need to set up their own make-believe house. You can find kitchen appliances, complete kitchen sets, household cleaning appliances, and much more. Many of our house role-play toys are battery operated for added functionality and realistic sounds. Your child will have fun playing house while also learning about home life.

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House Role Play Toys

House Role Play Toys – A Favourite Past Time of Children

Pretend play is a popular game among children, and one of the most enduring pretend plays is playing house or house role-play. Children love to imitate what they see in their parents, and because they see them mostly at home, they tend to pretend-play the scenarios happening inside the house.

House role-playing is not only enjoyable; it is also filled with instances for learning. It teaches the value of being responsible, how to care for others especially for family. And don’t forget, it opens them up to the idea of helping with household chores.

Tips When Buying House Role-Play Toys

Before you purchase house role-play toys, make sure to consider some points to ensure that you are buying the right set of toys for your child. First, think of the size of the toy; it should fit into the play area or designated storage space for your child’s toys. Next, check the material of the item; plastic is often the favoured choice of parents because it is lightweight, notably sturdy, and generally safe to play with.

Lastly, pick the theme and design of the playset that will suit your child’s personality and your family’s as well. We encourage you to browse through the pages under this category and check out our selection of high-quality house role-play toys at the most affordable prices available.



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