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Watching your child riding and pedalling a trike makes you think that your little one is on his or her way to independence. It is one of the major milestones your child can accomplish! Not only that, ride-on toy trikes strengthen your child’s legs, hone their motor skills, and train their eye and arm coordination. We can say that riding a toy trike is their precursor to driving real automobiles when they grow up. Browse through our selection of trikes here at Mr Toys! We offer a wide range of trikes and other ride-on toys that carry popular brand names such as Razor, Scuttlebug, Smart Trikes, Eurotrikes, and more. We have single-rider trikes, passenger-carrying trikes, and trikes with shades, compartments, and baskets. Whatever trike you want for your child, we have it here at Mr Toys at a great price. Shop now and give your child a new trike today.