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Children like to pretend-play; that’s why they love toys that allow them to do so. One of such toys is the walkie talkie. Toy walkie talkies are perfect for playing spy games or keeping in touch with friends along the neighbourhood. It is pretty daunting to shop for walkie talkie toys because hand-held radios are quite complicated for young children to use and many are also pricey. Thankfully, Mr Toys has a vast range of walkie talkie toys. If walkie talkies are part of your child’s wishlist, then we will make it easy for you to find the best and most affordable set of walkie talkies that will make your child jump in excitement. Shop for electronic walkie talkie toys at Mr Toys now!

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Walkie Talkies – Technology for Kids

Electronic walkie talkies are a fun bit of technology. Families can enjoy using and playing with walkie talkies while they communicate with each other at far distances. Practically, walkie talkies are used for communication and they are fantastic toys for young children who do not need to own a mobile phone yet.

If you are planning to buy a set of walkie talkies for your children, consider the features before purchasing. At Mr Toys Toyworld, we offer a wide range of walkie talkies for kids designed with themes from their favourite TV and movie characters. We will help you find the right set that is appropriate for your child’s age.

Walkie Talkies – A Fun Way to Communicate with Each Other

Does your family love to go on camping? Having a walkie-talkie set when you are camping is essential, especially when you need to go far from each other. It is a fun yet important communication tool around the campsite.

If you have a teenager in your family, you can use it to talk with them when they are not around the house. Children and parents will have heaps of fun using and playing with walkie talkies in their daily family routines.

Walkie Talkies – A Great Alternative to Mobile Phones
The walkie talkie is a great alternative to the mobile phone, especially for children who are too young to own one.

For children who love to play spy games and like to share “secret information” with their friends through the airwaves, walkie-talkie toys are perfect for them. Whether they want to role-play as spies going on a secret mission or they just want to stay in contact with each other, walkie-talkie toys will keep them entertained.

If you are looking for quality walkie-talkie toys and accessories at discounted prices, Mr Toys is all you need to see and visit. Shop now and enjoy an easy buying experience.



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