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Koalas may be unique to Australia but kids all over the world can’t help but love these cute and adorable animals. You may not be able to give them a koala for a pet, but the next best thing you can do is to buy them koala toys that have the same lovable qualities as the real koalas. When looking for cute and adorable koala toys, Mr Toys is the best place to shop. We have koala toys ranging from soft toys, interactive toys, and figures to puzzles, games, and other cool merchandise. Own a “koala” at home by buying koala toys at Mr Toys today!

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Koala Toys

The Adorable Koala

Koalas. also known as koala bears. are mammals that are native to Australia. They are actually not bears but marsupials (just like the kangaroo). Tourists who come to Australia would always want to see a koala, and once they do, they couldn’t help but adore it’s cuteness.

Some Fun Facts about Koalas

Koalas are interesting animals. Because koalas are endemic to Australia, the travel list of any tourist will always include “seeing a koala.” They are known for their very cute and adorable qualities. Here are some fun facts about koalas:

• Koalas are marsupial animals, which means they have “pouches” to birth and carry their babies.
• Just like the kangaroo, a baby koala is called a joey.
• Koalas prefer to live in forests with lots of eucalyptus trees.
• Koalas eat the gum leaves from the eucalyptus which are harmful to other animals but, because of the digestive organ called cecum, koalas can consume them without harm.
• The word koala came from the Australian aboriginal language meaning “no drink.” This is because koalas seldom drink; they get their water from the eucalyptus leaves.

If you and your child love koalas, then you will certainly like our range of koala toys. Buy koala toys at Mr Toys and make the cute koala a part of your family today!



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