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LEGO Duplo offers younger children a safe yet fun way to dive into the world of LEGO, with a serious but enjoyable take on learning. The large and brightly coloured bricks of LEGO Duplo make playtime an engaging educational experience for children aged 1 to 5. With a wide range of sets, LEGO Duplo has items relating to numbers, alphabet, animals, and some favourite kiddie themes and characters. The difference sets can be mixed and matched for a unique LEGO experience. From trains, fire trucks, farm animals, and police stations to Disney’s Frozen and Toy Story, there is something to surprise and delight your child. Basic brick sets and building plates are also available to expand their existing LEGO Duplo playsets.

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LEGO Duplo

Want to spend some quality time with your child?

Experience educational fun with LEGO Duplo!

LEGO Duplo is the LEGO set for young children, but with the touch of educational fun. Young kids who play with LEGO Duplo can benefit from the cognitive, linguistic, creative, and emotional learning that this LEGO theme is promoting – without compromising the awesome fun that only LEGO can provide.

Build an Awesome LEGO Duplo Set with Your Little One

LEGO Duplo bricks are made from non-toxic materials and are larger than the usual LEGO bricks. You can be sure they are safe for toddlers to use and play with – even if they bite the blocks. Because the bricks are quite large, toddlers can easily grip the toys with their hands without the risk of swallowing them.

Duplo bricks come in a variety of bright colours and shapes to capture the attention of children and stimulate their curiosity. Moreover, LEGO Duplo helps toddlers practice their motor skills and improve their creativity. If you are looking for LEGO Duplo sets for your child, please browse through this page or visit our toy stores in Queensland.

Check these top selling selections of LEGO Duplo brick sets and playsets:

LEGO Duplo Animals
LEGO Duplo Trucks
LEGO Duplo Frozen
LEGO Duplo Castle
LEGO Duplo Pizza Stand
LEGO Duplo Tropical Island
LEGO Duplo Trains
LEGO Duplo Toy Story
LEGO Duplo Submarine Adventure
LEGO Duplo Playroom



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