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Find A Friend With LEGO Friends Toys

LEGO Friends is a whole new way to play with LEGO! Let your child enjoy the many scenes and adventures of LEGO Friends. See them create their own LEGO world playing either alone or with their playmates. LEGO Friends is a great set to improve their dexterity, planning skills, cooperation, and so much more. Follow the main characters Andrea, Emma, Mia, Olivia, and Stephanie who live in Heartlake City. Have fun exploring the world of LEGO Friends while building new friendships and exciting adventures! Purchase a set now at Mr Toys.

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LEGO Friends

LEGO Friends – Wholesome Fun and Fantasy Friends

LEGO Friends features the story and adventures of 5 young girls namely Olivia, Mia, Andrea, Emma, and their freind Stephanie, enjoying their time in the pink, purple, and pastel LEGO world of Heartlake City. The playsets include cafe locations, large dollhouses, fantastic water parks, and more. The building sets are designed to promote girlish fun and fantasy.

The Minifigure dolls that come with these sets are the first set of LEGO dolls that have a more human shape. In the previous years, LEGO Minifigures have been known to have the square LEGO feet and yellow rounded heads. With LEGO Friends, the dolls take on more natural shapes, faces, hairstyles, and even clothing choices. Yet, they still have the same attach-detach abilities just like the usual LEGO Minifigures. The newest addition to the LEGO Friends set is the Downtown Bakery. The popular sets from this series include the Dolphin Cruiser, the Adventure Camper, and the Heartlake High Build sets.

Experience Great Amusement with LEGO Friends

The LEGO Friends theme is family-friendly and promotes wholesome fun for children. It offers just as much pieces and add-ons as any other LEGO theme. Order your LEGO Friends set now and let your child dive into a new world of fantasy and friendship.

Welcome to Heartlike City LEGOFriends!

Stephanie, Mia, Olivia, Emma, and Andrea are waiting to say hello!

It's a place where kids will find a character who is just like them, a place where they can learn to dream and follow their hearts as they keep their friends by their side.

For your wishlist, check our range of LEGO Friends sets to add to your shopping cart:

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LEGO Friends Stephanie
LEGO Friends Andrea
LEGO Friends Mia
LEGO Friends Olivia
LEGO Friends Heartlake City
LEGO Friends Play Cube
LEGO Friends Friendship
LEGO Friends Trailer
LEGO Friends Rescue



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