Order Your LEGO Juniors Set Now

LEGO Juniors is the perfect LEGO theme for children who are too old for toddler playsets but are too young for complex building sets. LEGO Juniors is designed for easy use and play. Your child’s young hands will be able to easily manipulate its brightly coloured bricks and fit them together in different ways. The LEGO Juniors playsets are not only fun to play with, but they also promote learning and help develop cognitive skills, fine-motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. We have a huge inventory of LEGO Juniors here at Mr Toys. You can find all the themes and characters that will make your building activities even more fun and thrilling – playsets such as the Fire Suitcase, Supermarket Suitcase, Pirate Treasure Hunt, Knights Castle, and many more. Get them all here at Mr Toys Toyword today!