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LEGO - Minecraft

Looking for the perfect toy to provide hours of hands-on fun and entertainment? LEGO Minecraft gives kids the opportunity to use their imagination, creativity, and building skills as they create entire worlds all their own, including houses, villages, crops, and more. Brick by brick, they can put together a mini version of the epic video game.

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LEGO Minecraft

There are many LEGO Minecraft sets available to choose from. Many include buildable Micromob figures such as Enderman, Creeper, Steve, or villagers. Once kids have designed and built their creations, they’ll be able to explore, gather resources, and combat zombies. Models can even be reconfigured and rebuilt for a whole new experience.

Some of the LEGO Minecraft building sets that have been available online include:

  • The Snow Hideout: Your mission is a mining expedition in an icy landscape. Can you build a shelter and a Snow Golem for protection before night comes?
  • The Nether Fortress: The Overworld doesn’t have all the supplies you need to survive – can you make it through the hostile mobs guarding the Nether Fortress?
  • The Dungeon: Time for a perilous quest into The Dungeon to find valuable ores. Watch out for zombies!
  • The Desert Outpost: The desert has never been scarier. Build a house and lookout tower to stay safe as darkness falls.
  • The First Night: The first night is the hardest to survive, so use the daylight hours wisely and build an enclosure for your livestock and a shelter for yourself before it gets dark!
  • The Farm: Here you’ll find the renewable resources you’ll need to survive. Channel the flowing water, fence in the livestock, and harvest the crops – but look out for the skeleton!
  • The Cave: Battle your way into the cave and use the TNT to blast out the ores and minerals you need.
  • …and more!

In true LEGO style, new LEGO Minecraft models are released to retire previous models, so the range is constantly changing

Kids of all ages love Minecraft, and that’s what makes LEGO Minecraft building sets such wonderful toys. The creative possibilities are endless with this awesome assortment of play sets, so pick out one (or several) for the Minecraft lover on your shopping list!


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