Shop for Little Live Pets, Plush Animal Toys

Your child will marvel at the realistic features of the Little Live Pets. Each of these pets look, sound, and feel like the real animal they replicate. Puppies, kittens, cubs, birds, mice, and even butterflies are adorably made-up with realistic details and lively colours. You will definitely adore their cute and sweet-looking faces! We carry lots of Little Live Pets here at Mr Toys! You can choose the Little Live Pet Bird that realistically chirps, sings, and even repeats words and (short) phrases that you say. You may like the Little Live Pet Butterflies that come in an array of richly coloured patterns; they have wings that are so lifelike but also very cuddly, and they flutter and mimic the movements of real butterflies. There are also the cute Little Live Pet Mice which you can hold on the palm of your hand. All of these Little Live Pets love attention – the more you hold and cuddle them, the more they respond with sweetness. With Little Live Pets, your child will instantly have a best friend.