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Almost all people can claim that they owned or at least played with Matchbox toys during their childhood. It is one of the most popular toys among many generations. The Matchbox line of toys was introduced to the world in 1953 by Lesney Products. It was sold to Tyco Toys in 1993, which was eventually bought by Mattel in 1997.

At Mr Toys Toyworld, we have hundreds of assorted die-cast Matchbox toys for collectors and many different large scale race sets and garages for both children (who like to play toy cars) and adults (who love to collect). When you shop through our selection of Matchbox toys, you may stumble upon the models you’ve been seeking for a while; you can find Matchbox car sets and Skybusters (assorted flying cars) here in our online shop. We also have the Matchbox MegRig for those who like bigger action vehicles.

When you buy from our online toy store, you can have your order shipped to any address in Australia. Save time and money and buy a Matchbox car from Mr Toys.

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Matchbox – The Toy Car for All Generations

Do you love Matchbox cars? We won’t be surprised if you are. Most people who are car fanatics came to be so because they played with Matchbox toys when they were children. It just goes to show that if you are a person who loves Matchbox toys, you are probably a real-car enthusiast.

Children who own and play with Matchbox cars will almost likely be car lovers themselves when they grow up. You can start teaching your children about cars by buying various models of Matchbox cars from Mr Toys. Matchbox toy cars are available in many toy shops across Australia, but you are sure to find one that meets your child’s taste here at Mr Toys.

Getting Your Child’s First Matchbox Toys

You can buy your child Matchbox toys preferably starting at age 5. The thing is, due to the small size of Matchbox toys, it is recommend that they start playing with larger toy cars which are easier to play with and safer for their age.

Matchbox Toys Can Be Fun for Both Children and Adults Alike

Toy cars aren't just for children. There are many adult hobbyists who collect toy cars, and that includes Matchbox toys. Most Matchbox collectors are car enthusiasts themselves, some are just fond of re-living their childhood happiness, while others are into automotive history – they are the ones who are interested in collecting models and certain designs particular to various eras.Collecting Matchbox toy cars is a rewarding activity for any enthusiast. At Mr Toys Toyworld, we have a number of Matchbox cars for your child’s entertainment and various pre-made models to be added to your collection.



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