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Practically every child has Matchbox Toys at some point during childhood. There are hundreds of assorted diecasts for collecting and many different large scale race sets, garages and more. When you shop our selection of online Matchbox Toys, you can buy your child Matchbox Car sets or choose Skybusters assorted flying vehicles. If your child wants bigger action vehicles, you can choose our Matchbox MegRig. When you shop our online toy store you can have your order shipped to any address in Australia. We save you time and money buying Matchbox Toys.

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Do You or Your Child Like Matchbox Cars? Expand Your Love for Cars with Plastic Model Car Kits

If you are a person who loved Matchbox cars, you will probably love all types of cars. Even children who have a special place in their heart for the huge range of Matchbox cars on the market will love to collect them and also will likely want to learn more about cars. One way that you can teach children who love Matchbox cars about cars in general is with model car kits. There are many of these kits in shops throughout Australia and you are sure to be able to find one that meets the ability of yourself or your child.

Plastic Model Kits are a Great Place to Start

If you or your child have little to no experience with model car kits, it is best to start with a beginner kit. There are many kits made specifically for children, including plastic model kits. These kits have larger parts, easier to manipulate attachments and will gently ease modellers into the world of model car kits. You will also find that plastic model kits are a great way for you and your child to work together in order to build something together that you can cherish for many years to come. Most toy and hobby shops will carry plastic model kits that are appropriate for beginners of all ages.

Moving Up to More Advanced Model Car Kits

Once you have the hang of beginner model car kits, you will find that they may start to get a bit boring and you would like a greater challenge. Once again, heading to your local hobby or toy shop will give you a great range of more advanced model car kits. With more advanced kits, you may still find high quality plastic models, but you will also find those that are made of medal or even other types of materials. With these models, there will be more parts to deal with, more details to be aware of and you will likely spend a lot more time on them than you would on some of the beginner kits.

Shopping for Model Kits In Store and Online

As mentioned, you can find model kits both in store and online at your favourite toy or hobby shop. When you first start shopping for vehicle model kits, you will find a range of prices as well as a range of sizes. For example, you may see the numbers 1:18 and not be sure what it means. In the case of model car kits, this number means that the model has a scale of 1/18th the size of a real car of the same model. Another thing that you should note, is that you may need to buy additional supplies like paint, tools and glue in order to complete your model. Read the box carefully in order to determine what type of materials you need in order for it to come out looking great.


Once you have tried a few kits, if you find that this isn't for you, yet you still like cars, there are a number of premade models on store shelves that you can buy and collect, just like Matchbox cars!



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