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Kids love scooters! They like the feel of the wind blowing on their faces while they move with their scooter. Yet, many scooters available in the market are geared towards older children or those with bigger body-builds, such as teenagers. Little children can also enjoy riding a scooter – thanks to Micro Scooters! Wouldn’t it be great if there are scooters that are just appropriate for their size and age range? That is why Micro Scooters exist! They are designed for younger children who have smaller body-builds and first time scooter riders. Mr Toys carries a wide range of Micro Scooters for young children to ride and enjoy, including the popular Mini Micro Scooters for the smaller kids. Like amateur bikes equipped with training wheels, the Micro and Mini Micro Scooters provide young children a safe mechanism to learn how to ride and drive their scooters. Browse through this page and check out our colourfully designed Micro and Mini Micro Scooters for your little one to enjoy.

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Choose the Right Micro Scooter for Your Child

When you buy a Micro Scooter for your child, consider the various options, features, and designs that are made available for you. Micro Scooters include the Mini Micro and Maxi Micro types of scooters. Both types come equipped with 3 wheels instead of the usual 2. These scooters have 2 wheels on the front and one on the rear, for extra balance and stability.

The Mini Micro and Maxi Micro models are available in multiple colours such as (but not limited to) purple, lime green, pink, blue, and dark green. Your child will be ecstatic to see and choose from this wide array of aesthetically designed models. In addition to that, our selection of Mini Micro and Maxi Micro scooters also includes 2-wheel models like the Micro Speed Scooter, Micro Rocket Scooter, Micro Bullet, and Sprite. Kids of different ages and body-builds can have their fair share of choices.

Don’t forget your child’s safety when riding their scooters!

While Mr Toys is the perfect place to buy Micro Scooters, we are also the ideal store to shop for Micro Scooter accessories and safety equipment. The manufacturers of Micro Scooters attest to the safety and comfortability of their products. However, we advise that children should always wear protective gear when riding a scooter to protect themselves from falls, bumps, and crashes.

If it’s Micro Scooters and safety riding gear you’re after, shop at Mr Toys Toyworld today!

We stock an array of safety helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, and other gear for your child’s riding safety. You can choose from the simple designs to more colourful themes. Some of them even have branded properties such as Harry Potter, Minecraft, Trolls, Toy Story, Peppa Pig, Batman, Disney, Power Rangers, PAW Patrol, Marvel, WWE, and many more! Check in store or online for the latest range



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