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Buy Micro Scooters Online from Mr Toys Toyworld

Kids love scooters, but many of the scooters available on the market today are geared towards older children or teenagers. Older children love their scooters, but wouldn't it be great if there was a miniature type of scooter was available that your younger kids could use?

At Mr Toys Toyworld, we sell a range of different micro scooters online. These scooter models are unique in that they are designed specifically for younger children who have never used a scooter before. Like bikes equipped with training wheels, mini micro scooters provide kids with a safe way of learning how to ride.

Choose the Right Micro Scooters for Your Child

Before you buy micro scooters for your child, consider the various options that are available to you. At Mr Toys, our online selection of micro scooters includes both Mini and Maxi micro scooters, which come equipped with three wheels instead of the usual two. These scooters have two wheels on the front and one in the rear, for extra balance and stability.

If you go to buy micro scooters online and opt for a Mini or Maxi model, you will notice that these particular kids’ scooters are available in multiple colours. Colours include purple, lime green, pink, blue and darker green. With these different colour options, you can find the perfect three-wheeled micro scooter for your son or daughter, based on his or her aesthetic preferences.

In addition to our Mini and Maxi micro scooters, our selection of micro scooters online also includes several two-wheel models. Scooters like the Micro Speed Scooter, the Micro Rocket Scooter, the Micro Bullet and the Sprite are closer to the standard two-wheel scooters that older children ride. The entire family can enjoy the two-wheel scooters available at Mr Toys.

Buy Accessories for Micro Scooters Online at Mr Toys

Mr Toys isn't just the perfect place to buy micro scooters online. It is also the ideal place to shop for micro scooter accessories. While they design mini-scooters with safety in mind—particularly the three-wheel Mini and Maxi models—it is still important to make sure your child has a helmet to protect himself or herself from falls or crashes. Teaching your kids to wear helmets now, will also help to teach them safe habits for life.

At Mr Toys, we stock an array of different safety helmets—ranging from simple solid colour designs to helmets themed after certain characters or branded properties. From Frozen to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and from Dora the Explorer to Toy Story, there is a bike helmet in our catalogue to suit any child.

Buy micro scooters or child safety helmets today from Mr Toys Toyworld. To find a physical store location near you, click here. Alternatively, you can shop for and buy micro scooters online. Whether you are looking for a three-wheel scooter, a more standard two-wheel model, or a safety helmet that your child will love, we have what you need at our online store.


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