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An unemployed heating engineer from Pennsylvania invented the game of Monopoly in the early 20th century; little did he know that it would become one of the most popular board games that would span generations. But Monopoly is far from being a quaint historical relic. It’s a riveting game of luck, wit, and money management. Monopoly is about savvy wheeling and dealing – it can either make you filthy rich or bring you into bankruptcy – but that’s just all in the game. This timeless board game is printed in 26 languages with more than 200 million sets sold worldwide. Enjoy racing around the board outwitting your opponents using the classic board pieces: old shoe, terrier, hot rod, or whatever token you choose. Shop for a Monopoly Board Game at Mr Toys today!

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Enjoy Family Nights with a Game of Monopoly

With our busy schedules at work and in school, family nights are something you look forward to. One of the best activities you can do during such event is playing a game of Monopoly. What’s great about Monopoly is that it can provide multiple hours of thrilling entertainment to the entire family! Everyone can participate and have fun. There’s always the thrill of getting ahead of the other players. But don’t be too cocky – in Monopoly, you can either get rich or push yourself into being a pauper.

Monopoly is a classic board game that has given entertainment to generations of families – and for a good reason. It is a game that combines luck and strategy. For children, Monopoly is a good training ground that can hone their math skills and teach them how to save and spend money rightly. It gives them a glimpse of what it’s like in the real world of business and property management.

The game can also teach them the art of persuasion when they try to convince a fellow player to sell them a piece of property. But aside from all this teaching and learning of life skills, Monopoly is a game that provides fun and happy memories for the family.

Don’t Have a Monopoly Game Set Yet? Get One Here at Mr Toys!

If you haven’t got a Monopoly game set at home and you’re intending to buy one, Mr Toys is your go-to place! You will enjoy choosing from our wide selection of Monopoly board games here on our website and in our retail shops across Australia. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! It is not a “one type only” kind of game – Monopoly is known for making games that incorporate famous themes from movies and TV. There is a Marvel Superheroes Monopoly, Disney Princess Monopoly, and so much more! You can always enjoy the classic but there is a range of other Monopoly games that will fit your children’s interests and hobbies.

What are you waiting for? Grab a Monopoly Board Game now and start playing it with your family tonight!



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