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Music toys provide the platform for children to hone their talent for music. Mr Toys’ large selection of music toys carries a variety of musical instruments such as drums, cymbals, flutes, recorders, harmonicas, and keyboard instruments. We also have traditional instruments that are made of wood as well as plastic which are lifelike replicas of popular instruments. For children who love to sing, there is the stand-up microphone that will carry their voice across the room. Do you have a budding rock star in the family? Then our electronic guitars will channel their rock’n’roll prowess to greatness. Music toys can help children bring up their musical inclinations. Shop for music toys at Mr Toys now!

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Music Toys

The Advantages of Playing with Musical Toys

It is normal for parents to look for toys that will give the most benefit to their children. For families that are musically inclined, they will often want their children to play with toys that relate to music.

Music toys are considered to be effective tools that stimulate a child’s senses and improve their brain development. A child’s brain is like a sponge. It can easily and readily absorb whatever information it is fed with. Introducing music toys to children in their early years can teach them to recognise and appreciate various sounds, tones, and pitches. Eventually, their ears become attuned to musical variations.

Find the Right Musical Instruments for Your Child at Mr Toys

If you see that your little one has an inclination for music or you want them to be musically inclined, why not give them a music toy and expose them to the joys of music?

At their age, your best option is to get them toy versions of real musical instruments. Whether it is piano, guitar, drums, tambourines, bongo, or microphone, Mr Toys has them all.
Shop here on our website or visit any of our stores across Australia, and get your child a music toy today.



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