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Calling all kids who love science, conservation, and geology! Mr Toys has some awesome new toys for you. They include figurines, science kits, puzzles, board games, and a lot more – all from National Geographic. Brace yourselves for some seriously fascinating fun! Nat Geo toys will put your love for science to the test. Kids will keep their minds busy playing and learning at the same time. The same fun learning experience you and your child enjoy in the Nat Geo Kids and National Geographic channels is now within your reach with our rich assortment of National Geographic toys. Shop for Nat Geo toys, games, and kits now and let your child have fun learning science and all about the world today!

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Explore the World with Nat Geo Toys

Welcome to the world of National Geographic! Our great range of Nat Geo toys, games, and kits will make children discover some of the coolest facts and fascinating realities about our world. There are so many amazing things kids can learn about the universe, and they are just waiting to be explored and studied by budding scientists like your child.

The toys, games, and kits by National Geographic will allow kids to uncover the secrets of land, sea, and sky. They will learn great mysteries from ancient civilisations. They will awe at incredible places and natural wonders only expert explorers from National Geographic can show you. When you buy Nat Geo toys, games, and kits, prepare your child to be wowed by the magnificence of Planet Earth!

So are you ready to explore and discover about some fascinating new things? Who knows what knowledge you and your child might learn today? You’re about to unearth some pretty awesome stuff about:

  • Animals – discover fun (and furry) animal facts about our planet’s incredible wildlife. From majestic mammals and soaring birds to super sea creatures and curious creepy crawlies, you’re gonna love animals more!
  • Science – journey through the natural world, the workings of the human body and even to the deepest, darkest depths of outer space. Nat Geo science kits are bursting with incredible science facts about the way our world works.
  • History – learn fascinating facts about history all around the world, from ancient civilisations and incredible kingdoms to lost cities and grisly legends. History games are perfect for young historians like your child!
  • Geography – let your child be transported to some of the Earth’s magnificent places. Explore the lush rainforests of South America, the incredible architecture in Europe, the spectacular African safari – and many more!

Start your voyage of discovery by shopping for National Geographic toys, games, and science kits now!



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