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Nerf Blasters

Nerf has been a leading name in kids' action toys for many years. The company makes their Nerf Gun Games using soft, safe material that won't harm children. You can give your kids pretend weapons for role play and not worry about them getting hurt. Our vast online selection of Nerf and Target Games offers you many choices. You can choose the Nerf Strongarm and extra ammo with the Nerf 36 shot pack. The new Modulus range allows you to create your very own Nerf Blaster. Give your child the Nerf and Target Games and accessories they need to be King of the Hill. Mr Toys discount prices afford you the opportunity to buy more and spend less.

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Nerf Guns in Brisbane Let You Rule the Neighbourhood or Office

Whether you want to triumph over the other kids in your neighbourhood, or be the supreme cubicle commando, Nerf blasters are the weapon of choice. They feature rapid-fire discharge of Nerf darts or discs, and the ability to reload multiple darts or discs at the same time. Some also have battery assisted firing for longer range. To ensure you don’t run out of ammunition, strap on a bandolier full of refills. You can even get whistling darts to terrify your opponents as the darts scream past during battle. For hours of endless fun, the Dart Tag system includes two vests, two pairs of protective goggles, and instructions for 7 games played 1-on-1 and 5 team games.

You can buy Nerf Guns in Melbourne at Toyworld or from Mr Toys Toyworld shops located in Queensland, as well as from toy shops located throughout Brisbane. Wherever you purchase your Nerf Blasters, you’ll want to make sure that you get plenty of refills for them, as well as a bandolier to hold all of the extras where you can get at them easily. After all, you don’t want to have to stop in the middle of your battle to pick up spent ammunition or struggle to reload while your opponent keeps firing at you!

Buy Nerf Blasters Online

If you can’t get to a toy shop locally, you can always purchase your Nerf blasters online. To do this, you need to know whether you are looking for Nerf N-Strike equipment or Nerf Vortex equipment. The Vortex equipment fires discs. The N-Strike equipment fires darts, although depending on the specific model, the darts may be hard-topped, suction-topped, or whistling. Pay attention to the type of darts used by your specific model of blaster, because they are optimised to work with that model, and other types may not work as well.

For outdoor fun, you can also get Nerf water blasters, as well as replacement water tanks. These Nerf Blasters in Australia are not recommended for indoor play around expensive electronics, so cubicle commandos should stick with the darts or discs. Both darts and discs are safe for use indoors, and will not break things.

Nerf Blaster Sale

What’s better than being victorious in your Nerf battle? Being victorious when purchasing your Nerf Blaster. That means buying your Nerf Blasters and replacement ammunition on sale. You can find Nerf equipment on sale for $10, $20, or even $30 off at some toy stores. With that sort of a discount, it’s like getting a package of extra darts for free.

You can also use the sale price to entice a friend into buying a Nerf Blaster when you buy yours. After all, the more combatants in a Nerf battle, the more fun it is. If you buy the same model of Blaster and get equal amounts of ammunition, it makes claiming your ammunition easier when the battle is over. You just take half of whatever ammunition is found, without caring whose it was originally.


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