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Are you ready for fun and adventure with the cutest little sea explorers ever? The Octonauts are always ready to play! Mr Toys carries an awesome selection of Octonauts toys, so your little explorer can join in on missions to explore new worlds under the sea, rescue rare and amazing sea creatures, and keep the ocean safe from harm. Let your imagination run wild with Octonauts Gup Speeders, various Octonauts play sets, adorable Octonauts Squirter figures, and super-cuddly Octonauts plush toys. We love the Gup T Rescue Rover as well as Gup A, B, C, D and E!. Get them at Mr Toys!

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Why Parents Should Buy Octonauts Online

Get ready for adventure with a crew of delightful creatures who set out to discover what the sea as to offer. Originally a children’s television series, the Octonauts are a group of fair weather friends who are both adorable and brave! These eight characters are talented and engage children of all ages as they explore the world under the sea.

For example, there is a brave polar bear, a penguin with a penchant for kindness, and a fearless kitty, just to name a few of the Octonauts characters leading kids throughout the underworld of the ocean in search of fun and frolic. Delight your children with these small colourful figurines and buy Octonauts online at Mr Toys. We are proud to offer a broad range of Octonauts toys online.

Ready for Oceanic Fun? Buy Octonauts and Zoom into Adventures Beneath the Sea.

There’s a particular group of characters who are banded together by friendship and who can teach your children the meaning of fun. They’re the Octonauts, a group of unlikely underwater friends travelling through the ocean in search of the next journey. Some other members include Peso the penguin, who is an experienced healer and the one who bandages the hurts ad cares for those who are injured. Carrying his trusty medical kit, Peso is the one to call when there’s trouble. There’s also Tunip, part veggie and part animal, also known as a “Vegimeal”. Tunip is one of many unique underwater creatures who assists around the station, or Octopod.

Now everyone can find the beloved Octonauts toys online at Mr Toys. Our online store is open 24 hours a day, seven days per week for your convenience. You may also visit one of our local retail outlets in Australia.

Delight your Child with Octonauts Figurines

Imagine an underwater world where the fun never stops and the adventures are endless! Now you can with the brightly detailed and cheerful lineup of Octonauts toys. Every child will enjoy the creative stories of a gang of friends who set out to conquer the ocean. Using an Octopod as the headquarters, this group of distinctive characters amuse and inspire kids of all ages.

With the other Octonauts, Tweak Bunny, Wazii Kitty and Dashi, the smartest dog in the land, work together and undertake the incredible voyage. This group of companions work well together, teaching kids valuable lessons about friendship, honesty and teamwork.

The final three members of the Octonauts crew include a brave polar bear named Captain Barnacles who leads the troop with might and focus. His trusty sidekick, Inkling the octopus is a smarty pants professor who uses his brilliance to decipher complex underwater issues and keep the Octopod running smoothly. Finally, the fearless Sea Otter, Shellington, uses his wit and ocean of knowledge to assist any way necessary. Sometimes he gets distracted but your kids will never lose sight of the wonders of underwater excitement.

Visit our online store to buy Octonauts today or call us on 1300 MR TOYS. We will ship orders to all of Australia as well as internationally to UK, USA and more! At Mr Toys, it’s always a great time to come and play.



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