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Paint by Number or Painting by Numbers is a system of creating art wherein an image is divided into sections, each marked with a number that identifies to a single colour. You paint in each section using the colour specified by the number. The final picture materialises after you have finished painting all the sections. It’s a great way to learn painting for beginners – whether child or adult. If you are interested in learning how to paint or you want to train your child in visual arts, then buy paint–by-number kits here at Mr Toys. Our assortment of paint-by-number sets contains tools that will develop your child’s penchant for colour and shape recognition. Each kit has accessories that will allow you to create art works you can be proud of. Our paint-by-numbers kits will help your child understand the concepts of painting and multiple shape colouring. Order your set and create an amazing art work today!

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What Does a Paint by Numbers Kit Include?

A paint-by-numbers kit normally contains the following accessories:

  • one or multiple paint-by-numbers brushes,
  • little bottles of paint-by-numbers colours,
  • and of course the paint-by-numbers outline of the picture you’re going to paint.

The quantity of paint bottles depend on how much colouring you will need to paint the picture. It will be sufficient to colour the entire art work.

What Advantage Do You Get When You Paint by Numbers?

For beginners who want to learn how to paint, painting by numbers helps you to analyse a subject image and be observant of its colour areas. It allows you to move away from focusing on what the finished artwork will look like, but instead concentrate on the small details that will eventually make the image whole.

What Brands of Paint by Number Kits Does Mr Toys Have?
Mr Toys has many varieties of paint-by-numbers kits, including draw-by-numbers sets that will help you draw and sketch images. Most of our paint-by-numbers are from Reeves.



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