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Pandas are one of the cutest animals around. There are children’s shows that feature anthropomorphic panda characters, and numerous brands are using the panda as their official mascot. Pandas are so adorably popular to children (and grownups as well) that toy companies are jumping on the bandwagon, and many toys are modelled after this cute bear creature. In fact, Mr Toys hosts a variety of panda toys for the kids and toy collectors too – from cuddly soft toys, cute figures, and pop vinyls to games, puzzles, inflatables, and other merchandise. Our panda plush toys range from the small ones to life-sized plushies. Shop at Mr Toys and enjoy the cuteness of our panda toys today!

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The Giant Yet Cute Looking Panda Bears

Pandas are bears that have white and black fur. They live in the wild and are usually found in the thick bamboo forests on the highlands of Central China. Pandas are widely popular around the world. They have been used in various media as anthropomorphic characters, symbols, and even mascots. But why do people love pandas?

Reasons Why People Love Pandas

Experts have studied the behaviour of pandas and humans, and they have discovered a variety of factors that explain why humans are attracted to pandas. Here are a few of them:

• Some of the panda’s actions resemble those of humans like eating with their hands and sitting.

• The panda’s distinctive eyes and eye patches make them look large, which prompt us to be reminded by the huge, adorable eyes of babies.
• The panda’s colours of black and white remind us of the beautiful simplicity of nature.

Enjoy the next best thing to having your very own panda by buying panda toys at Mr Toys Toyworld now!



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