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From simple snap together kits to intricate models that will challenge the most meticulous of adults, Mr Toys has plastic model kits for every age and skill level. Models are available of cars, planes, and boats. You can build an entire squadron of planes and set them upon one another in dogfights, sail a fleet of ships into battle, or indulge your desire to own a car you could never afford at full size.The selection of models varies at the different store locations, as well as some being available at Mr Toys online.

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Learn Modelling with Plastic Car Models at Mr Toys Practicing modelling with plastic is a great way to begin learning the modelling process as a child or as an adult. Plastic car models allow you to build complex cars or to simply snap parts together. Our plastic models at Mr Toys in the Brisbane area range from the simplest models to complex mechanisms that challenge even the most expert modellers. Whether you have been modelling for a few days or several years, you will find plastic car models that will cause you to think and problem solve.  At Mr Toys, we try to provide entertaining toys for adults as well as children. Modelling with plastic planes, tanks, cars and more is a perfect way to build your own toys while learning how to put things together. Modelling requires a lot of trial-and-error and helps to develop mental skills. That’s why plastic car models and more are fantastic for Australians of all ages. As a beginner or as an advanced modeller, you’ll find a plastic model that you love at Mr Toys. We pride ourselves on our variety of toys at Mr Toys. That’s why we stock so many different types of plastic models. Many people enjoy modelling, but might have difficulties finding planes, tanks, trucks and more to put together. We have all of those models at Mr Toys in our locations in the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast areas.  If you want to start modelling with plastic, start with the help of Mr Toys. We have what you need!



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