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Playmobil is a brand of toys designed to help with a child’s learning and mental development. Its unique principle of stimulating the imagination and creativity of every child makes the toys conducive to an enjoyable playing and learning experience. With Playmobil, your child will not only be able to pretend-play but also re-recreate exciting experiences of a world in miniature. Playmobil’s cheerful figures represent various characters such as knights, pirates, police officers, vets, constructions workers, secret agents, and more. Your child will be able to build and re-enact the historical past, present-day scenarios, or futuristic worlds. What’s more is that the people at Playmobil is continuously creating and developing new ideas to enhance their series of toys that will bring endless fun to kids all over the world. See our collection of Playmobil toys and buy a pack for you child now.

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Playmobil for Every Child around the World

Playmobil has been capturing the smiles of children all around the world since 1974. One child who has been enthralled by Playmobil toys even said…

“I like PLAYMOBIL® because everything is so flexible. I really enjoy re-creating my own life with the figures. Yes, it’s so much fun!”

This classic line of toys invented by Hans Beck has occupied many playrooms with 3 billion of the beloved play figures being sold since its beginning. Children greatly enjoy its many themes ranging from pirate ships to children’s hospitals. About 30 different play themes are being distributed to around 100 countries all over the globe. The iconic smile of Playmobil figurines has not ceased to captivate the hearts of many children. That is why parents, guardians, and educators recognise the high-quality value of the Playmobil series of toys.

If you want to ensure that your child is playing toys that promote learning and creativity without compromising fun and imagination, then Playmobil is the perfect choice. Help your child discover and expand their knowledge! With Playmobil, playtime is both enjoyable and learning-friendly. Shop for Playmobil toys and kits at Mr Toys today.



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