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Moulding and creating stuff are fun activities that we loved during our childhood. And what type of toys do we use for such creative play experience? You guess it right… Clay and pottery toys! Can you still remember that first mould you ever did? Now you can share the fun and delight of playing with clay and pottery toys to your child with Mr Toys’ awesome range of clay and pottery toy sets. Watch them fill their hands with clay and create objects, animals, and figures! Or you can join them in making amazing sculptures that will astonish the entire family. Who knows, your child may be a better sculptor than you. Shop for clay and pottery toys at Mr Toys and sculpt your way to your child’s heart starting today!

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Pottery and Clay

Playing with Clay and Pottery Toys

Arts and crafts are great activities that hone children’s penchant for creativity and imagination. Included in the genre are clay and pottery toys. But aside from imagination and creativity, what particular skills do kids gain when they play with clay and pottery toys?

Benefits and Skills Kids Gain from Clay and Potter Toys

Fine Motor Skills

When kids use their hands and fingers to squeeze and mould the clay, the muscles are honed and strengthened for better dexterity.

Problem Solving Acumen

When playing with clay, the challenge is to create something from what you see or have seen – whether an animal, robot, or building. Figuring out how to do this using mere clay develops their acumen not just for creativity but also in solving problems.

Artistic Expression

Shaping and re-shaping a figure from a seemingly shapeless form is an art. Playing with clay allows children to express themselves. It’s a great way to introduce them to the art of sculpting.

It’s time for your children to express themselves through art with clay and pottery toys. Buy now at Mr Toys Toyworld!



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