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Led by the Red Ranger, the Power Rangers utilise their powers to protect Earth from the Evil Master Xandred. The Rangers make use of the Black Box to morph into new Megazord combinations and become Samurai. Our selection of Power Ranger toys will allow children to experience the thrill and adventure as what they see on the Power Rangers shows. Follow the 5 ordinary teens as they become superheroes, and use teamwork and their incredible powers to save the world. Have a look at our toys and accessories licensed after your favourite Power Rangers superheroes! Shop for action figures, Zords figures, masks, and costumes that will make your child a Power Ranger in his or her imagination.

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Power Rangers

What is Power Rangers Samurai?

“Power Rangers Samurai” is the 18th season of the popular kid’s show “Power Rangers”, which started in 1993. As with all of the other Power Ranger’s seasons, the action scenes in Power Rangers Samurai are taken from the Japanese show “Super Sentai”. Power Rangers has always revolved around teenagers saving the world from monsters and aliens.

Ever since the original Power Rangers, new line of toys are released along with every new season. The toys are based on characters and themes from the TV shows. There are also expansion toys, such as vehicles and weapons, that are not seen on TV.

Classic Power Ranger Toys

Ever since they were first released in stores, kids have loved the Power Ranger toys. The show itself lends itself to the toy market, as each character and monster is highly stylised in appearance and personality. Power Ranger action figures are usually very high quality and durable, letting kids live out their action fantasies without worrying about breaking their toys. There are plenty of Power Ranger toys to collect, and each one of them allows your child to expand upon his collection and create new adventures for his Ranger characters.

The Premise of Power Rangers Samurai

Power Rangers Samurai follows the story of 5 new Rangers as they fight to take down the evil alien Xandred, who is planning to flood Earth in order to bring an end to civilisation. The Rangers are of Samurai descent and are mentored by an old wise man who teaches them how to control and use their powers. In classic Power Ranger’s style, the Rangers have access to giant mechanical vehicles called “Zords” which can be used to fight the aliens who are too big to take-on in hand-to-hand combat. There is usually some sort of lesson or theme associated with each episode.

What are Power Rangers Samurai Toys?

The Power Rangers Samurai toys and action figures follow the show closely. All of the Rangers are available for purchase, as well as many of the supporting characters. You can even get your hands on the Zords used by the Samurai Rangers in the TV show. The toys, outside of the Zords, are usually to-scale, which means that your child can play with all of them together. Whether you want to buy your child the action figure of his favourite Ranger or get him all 5 of the main Rangers, he will definitely love the gift.

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